What are 10 Electrical Safety Requirements for Landlords?

Image of electrician working on apartment outlet

As electrical contractors in Vancouver, we know the rental prices are not cheap in this city. As such, your residential building should be held to a certain safety standard. But how can you be sure? To provide some insight, here are the safety requirements your landlord must provide to ensure your suite is safe and liveable…

1.    Ready Before Possession

Sadly, your suite doesn’t have to be equipped with the latest technology and appliances to meet tenant standards; however, it does have to be safe. Faulty wiring or sketchy electrical sockets pose a danger to your safety. Therefore, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to ensure your suit is safe, functioning, and electrically sound.

2.    Functioning Smoke Alarms

Apartment smoke alarms can be notoriously sensitive. While this may be annoying when all you tried to do was toast a slice of bread, it’s for good reason. If a fire occurs in one of the many suites, you and your fellow tenants need to be alerted as soon as possible. Therefore, the smoke alarms throughout the building need to be properly installed with functioning batteries for the safety of all tenants.

3.    Be Prompt with Tenant Concerns

Faulty electrical work is no joke. If you notice your outlets getting hot when in use, or sparks occurring when you plug in an appliance, you must alert your landlord right away. Even something seemingly minor like flickering lightbulbs must be addressed, as these are all symptoms pointing to a larger issue. And it’s up to your landlord to call a residential electrician in Vancouver to fix it.

4.    Plenty of Power Outlets

Nothing’s worse than getting into a new suite and realizing there’s not enough power outlets to keep your home running. While extension cords are handy for short-term use, they can be dangerous if used for extended periods. If your suite is severely short on power outlets, talk to your landlord about having an electrician install more.

5.    Provide Bulbs with the Correct Wattages

It’s always important to match your lightbulbs to the recommended wattage. If you’ve ever bought a new lamp, you may notice a number on the screw top that indicates suitable watt ranges. This isn’t for aesthetic. To produce light safely, stick to the suggested power wattage as it indicates the maximum amount of power this appliance can handle. Mismatched wattages throughout your suite could lead to overheating bulbs and fires.

6.    Replace Frayed or Faulty Wiring

Frayed wiring is a huge safety threat to you and your fellow tenants. If the coating wears away to expose the metal wiring, you must report it to your landlord as soon as possible. From there, they can contact electrical companies in Vancouver to inspect and replace any damaged wiring.

7.    Install Safe Appliances

Large appliances such as fridges, ovens, and laundry machines require their own outlets. If you have multiple appliances fighting for power from one outlet, this could lead to overheating, surging, and fires. Therefore, this not only compromises the functioning of the appliances, but the safety of everyone in your building.

8.    Regular Electrical Inspections

You need to service your building’s electrical regularly to ensure safety. It’s one thing to have electrical wiring installed properly, it’s a whole other to maintain them. Scheduling annual inspections with a commercial or residential electrician in Vancouver can detect issues early on.

9.    Conduct Timely Repairs

Depending on the severity of the issue, your landlord should assist with repairs within a reasonable timeline. For instance, while a minor issue can handle a longer timeframe, emergency repairs require immediate attention. If you suspect an electrical issue that compromises your safety, tell your landlord right away. It’s their responsibility to respond promptly with the necessary solutions.

10.  Do Not DIY Your Home Electrical

Any electrical work in your home – rented or owned – must be handled by a licensed and insured electrician. If you attempt to handle them yourself, the consequences could be deadly. To ensure your safety, inform your landlord of any electrical issues you’re having so they can contact BPM’s electrical contractors in Vancouver.