4 Warning Signs of a Defective Wall Switch

signals when you need to change your wall switchers

Since we use them practically every day, it can be easy to forget that a wall switch is just one part of an interconnected electrical system. When the wall switch begins to function in an abnormal way, it is usually a sign that it has become defective. In these cases, it is always best to replace the switch as soon as possible, before it can cause further issues with other electrical components. To help you identify when it is time to update your electrical wall switch, take a look at some of the common warning signs listed below.

4 Signs When You Need To Update Your Electrical Wall Switch

1. Warm Light Switch

When a dimmer switch is used, you may notice that it can feel warm to the touch when you go to turn it off after a while. This is normal since a dimmer switch operates by preventing some electrical current from reaching the light source. By doing this, some heat is slowly transferred to the dimmer rather than the light source. While it is normal for a dimmer to feel warm, it is not supposed to happen with a regular wall switch. If you notice your wall switch is warm to the touch at any time, you need to immediately cut the power to that defective wall switch and get yourself a replacement.


2. Sounds From Switch

If you flick your switch on and off and you happen to notice a crackling or buzzing sound emanating from the wall, this is a sure sign of a defective wall switch with a loose connection. In some cases, the switch may be fine, and you just need to tighten the wired connections. However, it is more likely in these cases that the switch itself is wearing down. The sooner you can get it replaced, the safer the connection will be behind the switch plate.


3. Slow Light Activation

Other indications that your light switch is wearing down can be seen when a light fixture is slow to turn on. Sometimes loose connections can cause light to flicker or turn on slowly. This can be frustrating at times, and it is also a sign of a defective wall switch with worn-out connections. In other cases, the switch or toggle itself can become loosened, making it difficult for the switch to keep the light on. In either case, it is best to find a replacement wall switch.


4. Sparks Flying

One final issue you may encounter with a defective light switch is going to be very obvious. If sparks fly from the switch at any time, this is a major hazard and needs to be fixed immediately. Poor connections are usually to blame in these cases, but this is definitely a sign that your light switch is done working properly. To avoid major safety hazards, turn off the power to the switch immediately and contact a professional electrician to assess the issue.

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