B.C. Government Making Electric Vehicle Chargers More Affordable

Image of EV chargers on road

The world is changing. With global warming on the rise, people are taking charge of their role in fossil fuel emissions. From recycling and composting, to embracing alternative energy sources, it seems there’s always something more our society can be doing. In recent years, there’s been a huge shift in the market to increase our sustainability: the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs). Rather than having an internal combustion engine that runs on fuel, EVs feature an electric motor that can be charged through electricity.

To encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles, the province of B.C. has announced new rebates to help make the purchase and installation of EV chargers more affordable. Here’s what you need to know…


BC Rebates for Electric Vehicle Chargers

It’s called the Go Electric EV Charger Rebate program! It can cover up to 50 per cent of the costs to install EV chargers to eligible homes and workplaces. The rebates can also go towards making apartment and condominium buildings EV ready, but more on that below. Since electric vehicle chargers can cost anywhere between $400 to $4,000 for single users, you can save money while increasing your EV convenience with government assistance.

The minister of environment and climate change strategy, George Heyman, notes that more and more people are switching to electric vehicles. As of 2020, 10 per cent of vehicle sales were electric cars. However, Heyman and the B.C. government are hoping that by 2026, electric vehicles will make up 26 per cent of the sales market.

“We’re making it more affordable to own an electric vehicle and charging station, so people can improve their driving experience with no air and climate pollution, and lower fuel and maintenance costs overall.”

– George Heyman

Who’s Eligible?

With the exciting announcement of rebates, you may be wondering how it all works. Well, to be eligible for the rebate program, your home and charging station must meet certain requirements. While these differ for single-family homes and condos/ apartment buildings, your electric vehicle charging station must:

  • Be a new Level 2 charging station;
  • Have a volt charge of 208 or 240;
  • Use a SAE J1772 standard plug head;
  • And more.

Condos, apartment buildings, and workplaces can receive a rebate covering up to $2,000 per eligible EV charger. With single-family homes, including townhouses and duplexes, receiving a maximum of $350 through the provincial rebate program.

The rebates can cover more than just the charger, also going towards the cost of making your building EV ready. To be eligible, your building needs to be able to accommodate high levels of EV charging. Specifically, when installing a new electric vehicle charging station in your apartment building, the parking space must have an energized outlet with a final connection point to handle the Level 2 charger. How do you make your home EV ready? By hiring certified electrical contractors to assist with the wiring, preparation, and installation of your new EV charger.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

Not much! BPM Electric and the B.C. government are making the switch to electric vehicles simple and cost-effective. At the core, the goal of going electric is to increase the health of the planet by minimizing carbon emissions.  However, EVs save more than the just the planet by helping you cut costs on gas as well.

Running an electric vehicle costs as little as $320 a year; that’s less than one dollar per day. Since B.C. has some of Canada’s highest fuel prices, switching to an electric vehicle can save you thousands on your annual gas bill. Depending on the type of fuel your car uses, a few trips to the gas station exceeds the cost of charging an EV.

BPM and Electric Vehicles

To ensure your building is approved by BC Hydro for the EV rebates, BPM Electric is here to assist. Our electrical contractors have the experience, training, and certification to install the EV infrastructure and charger into your building. Whether it be a single-family townhouse, a condo, or office building, we can provide thorough electrical assessments to help you save money with the Go Electric EV Charger Rebate. Contact our electricians today to get a quote on your electric vehicle charging station.