Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Your Business

Image of EV charging station

For property owners and building developers throughout Vancouver, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a hot topic of discussion. It wasn’t long ago that installing a charging station was considered a waste of money (from a purely business point of view). However, the number of EVs on the roads is steadily (actually rapidly) increasing, and the demand for charging stations is rising along with it. Today, a charging station is more commonly viewed as a revenue generator and major asset for building owners. 

If you own a building and are thinking about installing EV charging stations, you’re not alone. Here are some of the benefits that might impact your decision.

Boost Your Business

For homeowners with EVs, they most likely will have a residential Level 2 electric vehicle charger at their home. When drivers are running errands, however, they may search via phone apps to find locations equipped with charging stations. As a business owner, you are attracting new patrons who likely have expendable income. Installing a Level 3 charging station at your commercial location is a great way to increase your business.

Get Money Back

In order to get the EV program really moving, there are rebates available. Like if you choose to install an EV charging station in your home or place of business. These incentives make the cost very reasonable and the province just increased the amount of money that will be returned. 

“Funded by the Government of B.C.’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, and with financial support from the Government of Canada, BC Hydro administers the CleanBC Go Electric electric vehicle charger rebate program. The program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle chargers and infrastructure to get homes and workplaces across BC ready for EVs.”

And the good news is that now is the time to really take advantage of the program. The BC Hydro website says that: For a limited time effective April 1, 2022, the Government of B.C. is increasing the rebate that new applicants can get for EV chargers. With different rebate tiers and options for condos and apartments, and commercial locations, there has never been a better time to install an EV charger!

Show Them You Care

Because of course you do! And it never hurts to show your patrons or clients that you are taking steps to support positive change. In fact, more and more people are motivated to do commerce with businesses that align with their values. Subsequently, a charging station is an outward sign that you are investing in a greener future. If a values-based consumer sees that, they are more likely to spend money with you.

Be Ahead of the Game – EVs Are Here to Stay

According to ICBC statistics, as of the end of 2020 (the most current number available), there were about 54,500 light-duty electric vehicles registered in BC, with 29,000 in the Lower Mainland. EV car ownership is up from 22,000 in 2019 and is only increasing.

In fact, the demand for EV charging stations is already here for property owners. Especially for new builds. If you choose to install an EV charging station now, you will be ahead of the game. All the evidence points to that fact that EVs are the way of the future.

It’s a Win/ Win Situation

No matter what kind of building space you own or manage, installing EV charging stations will have a net positive effect. For property managers, EV charging stations for business will drive traffic to your tenants’ stores or offices. This will keep them happy and more likely to renew their leases. 

For business owners, complementary EV chargers can drive revenue with increased sales. Depending on the location and the people you are attracting, you can always choose to monetize your station. You can bill drivers per charge or for the time they spend hooked up to them. 

When you are ready to install electric vehicle chargers at your Vancouver or Lower Mainland building, don’t hesitate to call in the experts. BPM is a reliable electrical company in Vancouver and employs a team who are qualified to install EV charging stations who are skilled and ready to provide electrical services for any and all residential and business electrical needs. Our experienced commercial electricians are ready for your call!