Best Smart Home Products for 2024

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Its already 2020, and the new decade promises to be an exciting one when it comes to the innovative and convenient Smart Home products being introduced to the market. Below you’ll find a brief list of some of the most interesting and exciting products with detailed descriptions about how they can help your household become a Smart Home!

Smart Home Products to Invest for your Homes

Nest Hello

Even doorbells are getting an upgrade in 2020! The new Nest Hello doorbell features the latest in Nest home security features. The hardwired doorbell featuring a video camera actually connects to your home’s WiFi network so you can see who is at your door in real-time. In addition to the video display, the camera is capable of capturing and storing up to three hours of footage at a time for extra security. For added convenience, this smart device uses facial recognition technology to identify members of your family or other common visitors. Once you save these visitors on your Nest Hello app, you will receive notifications when a specific person drops by for a visit! With the help of a certified electrical expert to handle the hard wire doorbell connection, you can quickly take your doorbell into the 21st century!

Arlo Pro 3 Home Security Camera

Online shopping has become the most convenient way to browse items and have them shipped to your door without ever setting foot in a retail store, or leaving the house! Unfortunately, we can’t always be at home when our packages arrive, which is why many people have fallen victim to thieves stealing items left by the front door. Fortunately, there is a new wireless camera for residential security. The Arlo Pro 3 Home Security Camera is ideal for outdoor use in all climates and weather and connects easily to your home network for convenient security monitoring on your computer or mobile devices. This camera produces 2k quality video, making it extremely useful for the identification of potential trespassers, thieves or intruders. The wireless hub for the security cameras is easy to set up, and cameras can be powered with a direct wire cable so you never have to worry about charging batteries. Despite this, each camera is equipped with a rechargeable battery as well.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Similar to the Nest Learning Home Thermostat, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat features voice activation, wireless connectivity. In addition, this upgraded version of a smart thermostat includes an ambient temperature sensor to allow for more accurate temperature adjustments in whatever room you keep the sensor. When it comes to installation, it is simple to set up the thermostat with your wireless network to start customizing your temperature settings. What some people may need help with is the direct connection to your heating and cooling appliances. With a quick call to the friendly electricians at BPM Electric, we can have your Ecobee Smart Thermostat connected in no time.

Philips Hue Bulbs

By far one of our favorite items on this list, the Philips Hue LED Smart Bulbs to offer a huge selection of light settings and energy savings features. Having been on the market for a while now, Philips Smart Bulbs are available in a number of different bulb and light fixture formats. From floodlights to strip fixtures and even outdoor lighting options, there is a Philips Hue Smart Bulb for virtually any household requirement. With your initial purchase, you will get a Hue Hub that connects to your Wifi and wireless devices and two smart bulbs capable of color changing and mood lighting. You can also get the newest version of the bulbs with built-in Bluetooth so you can connect to each one individually without the need for the wireless hub. In some cases, you may need to upgrade your light fixtures before installing the bulbs themselves, so be sure to consult the experts at BPM Electric before spending a fortune on new Hue Smart Bulbs!

SimpliSafe Security System

For the homeowner looking for the top to bottom home security with the convenience of modern Smart Home wireless technology, there is no better option than the SimpliSafe Security System. With this affordable and easy to use the system, you can outfit your home with all the latest security features including a security keypad for entry, motion and open/close sensors for doors and windows, and a voice-activated base station for easy security monitoring from anywhere in your home. You can also enhance your basic security package with additional devices from SimpliSafe such as the broken glass sensor and the smoke detector. One of the best features of this security system compared to others is that there is no monitoring contract required, and customers can simply opt into a $15/month package that can be canceled at any time. If you are interested in getting your smart home security upgraded this year, contact BPM Electric to help manage the setup and connections for all of your devices.

To learn more about other great Smart Home devices and technologies, be sure to check our website for regular updates. You can also contact us directly at BPM Electric to get started on installing your new Smart Home devices today!