BPM Electric Is A Shell Busey’s House Smart Approved Electrical Contractor


At BPM Electric, we’ve always been proud of the work we do and the commitment to quality in all of our business practices. But did you know that we are also a Shell Busey’s HouseSmart approved electrical contractor?

Shell Busey, notable radio personality and former host of the Home Discovery Show, created this network as a service to help homeowners find qualified and reliable trades people, suppliers and products for their home improvement projects.

After hearing thousands of horror stories about poor workmanship, unreasonably high quotes, questionable contractors and homes left in a sheer state of disaster, Shell decided to do something about it.

Becoming a HouseSmart member takes hard work and a commitment to providing reliable and quality services. Each company in the network has gone through an intense screening process and is approved by very stringent standards. And all certified service members have passed a comprehensive criteria program developed by Shell Busey himself.

The network is now one of the most reliable referral programs in the home improvement industry. From soundproofing to appliance repair to chimneys, gutters, lighting or landscaping, the HouseSmart Network covers all the bases when it comes to home improvement projects.

As electrical contractors, being a part of this network means that we can provide more comprehensive services to our clients. We know that we can refer them to any of the listed HouseSmart contractors and that they will be in good hands.

We continue to offer our clients the highest standard of service while providing solutions to any electrical problems that come our way. Being a part of this network goes to show how dedicated we are to a high standard of service.

If you have an electrical job — whether its updating old wiring, installation on a new build or home reno project, commercial or residential, we’ve got you covered.