BPM Electric Offering Electrical Services For Property Managers


Every residence and building requires different electrical wiring needs. At BPM Electric, we understand these differences and offer an array of unique services, each tailored to suit different needs.

One area that we focus on is providing customized wiring services for property managers. Apartment complexes pose a unique set of challenges and property managers can often feel overwhelmed whether there are small or large scale electrical issues. In our 22 years of electrical service throughout the Fraser Valley, we have gained the trust of property managers for buildings of every shape and size.

Electrical Contractor for Property Managers

Property managers have a lot on their plates, and they are often tasked with a wide array of jobs. From keeping walkways clean to addressing repairs, they are pulled in many different directions.

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One thing that property managers are often asked to do is to try to find ways to save costs for the property owners. Through our years of experience, we have come up with many suggestions to help in this regard. For example, one excellent way to save money on the electricity bill in an apartment building is to convert old lighting fixtures to new energy efficient lighting throughout the building. At BPM Electric, we can handle jobs like this efficiently and at competitive prices.

For property managers who have a long list of problems and situations to deal with, we are happy to offer electrician advice and services that save time and money in the long run.

If you are a property manager, we are here to help. We offer expertise in any kind of electrical situation including:

  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • Commercial Wiring Repairs & Installations
  • Residential Panel Installations & Repairs
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Electrical Inspection Reports

Our electricians work throughout the Fraser Valley with friendly service and advanced expertise. Not only do we offer our services to property managers and apartment buildings, we service residential homes, businesses and hotels, too.

Whatever your electrical needs might be, BPM Electric company has experience in finding solutions. Our reputation has often spread through word of mouth, with our satisfied customers recommending us to their friends and family. Many of our customers return again and again, with new construction, updates and repair jobs for us to tackle.

No matter what the job is or for whom, we are on call and ready to respond. Whether it is an electrical emergency, or whether you are a property manager looking to make your life easier; whether you oversee multiple buildings or you are in charge of a charming three storey walk up, there is no job too big or small.

Home and business owners, property managers and hotel operators have all found our services helpful. If you are in need of electrical services in the Fraser Valley, consider giving us a call today. We are happy to help!


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