How Office Lighting Can Improve Productivity


If you are a business owner or employer, you probably understand the importance of having happy employees. Happy employees equal productive employees. And productive employees lead to a better chance of success in business. Many employers have gone to great lengths to increase employee happiness, in an attempt to increase productivity. They stock the fridge full of healthy juice or … Read More

What Is A Whole House Surge Protector


Sometimes the best measures to take are preventative ones, especially when it comes to electrical wiring in your home. We are talking specifically about protecting your home and devices from power surges. Many people are familiar with surge protectors that plug into an outlet to protect computers or electronic devices, but did you know that there are whole house surge … Read More

Commercial Electricians in Surrey


Hiring the Best Commercial Electrician in Surrey When it comes to having electrical work done, especially in a commercial site, it’s a good idea to keep that old saying about never being too careful in mind. Due to the fact that electricity is something most people use every day to keep their business running smoothly, it is very important to … Read More

BPM Electric Is Now Offering Industrial and Commercial Electrical Service


A diversified electrical contracting company, BPM Electric has expanded its services to include both commercial and industrial electrical services. The services they provide include upgrades, new installations, repairs, remodelling  replacement parts, renovations, and troubleshooting services. All work is completed by a certified commercial or industrial electrician who has undergone extensive training and education. Our Commercial Electrical Contractors can take on any … Read More