Electrical Outlet Safety Tips

Like anything, electrical outlets can get worn out and need updating from time to time. Poor electrical outlet maintenance and faulty wiring are the most common causes of electrical fires. And there are always advancements in safety being made. It’s not that long ago that houses were equipped with two-pronged outlets! When it comes to doing any actual wiring or [...]

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Cable Danger: How To Pet Proof Cables At Home

We are all familiar with the term "baby-proofing" - keeping dangerous things out of reach from curious kids. But people often overlook the electrical hazards facing their pets, especially in the form of cables and cords. Cables powering electronics and other devices are so common around the home that people seem to hardly notice them. But to pets, cords might [...]

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Winter Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

The holidays sneak up on us every year. It seems like just yesterday; our electricians were packing up the decorations and putting them in storage. But, yet again, the holidays are just around the corner, so it's time to pull out those boxes and start untangling those strings of lights. While it's lovely to see the strings of bright bulbs [...]

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When To Get An Electrical Safety Inspection

How often do you stop to think about how much electricity you use on a daily basis? Probably not very often. In fact, most of us hardly notice just how much electricity we consume, let alone how much energy there is flowing through our homes. Having an understanding of the electrical system in your house is a good idea for [...]

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How To Label your Electrical Panel

There are certain jobs that every homeowner should to do. And the best jobs are the ones you only need to do once, like labeling your electrical panel. Having a clearly labeled electrical panel will make life easier and safer. If there is an emergency and you need to quickly shut the power off or if you are doing repairs [...]

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Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Every home has its quirks and interesting traits that give it character. Depending on the year it was built and the style in which it was designed, some things might seem a little strange, especially the older the house gets. One thing that has changed over time is the way the electrical system in a house has been designed and [...]

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What Is A Whole House Surge Protector

Sometimes the best measures to take are preventative ones, especially when it comes to electrical wiring in your home. We are talking specifically about protecting your home and devices from power surges. Many people are familiar with surge protectors that plug into an outlet to protect computers or electronic devices, but did you know that there are whole house surge [...]

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Emergency Electrical Service

Electrical Emergency Should Be Handled By An Experienced Electrical Contractor There are a few things in this world you simply don’t want to play around with unless you have some serious skill or expertise, that is. Wild animals, power tools, and baking pies are just a few that come to mind. Another potential danger zone for most people is electricity [...]

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Childproof for Electrical Hazards

One of the greatest joys of children is seeing the ways they are curious and interact with the world around them. From chasing pigeons to hiding in cupboards to climbing on furniture, kids will get into anything and everything, often without understanding the dangers that they might face. It's a horrible thought to think of something bad happening to children, [...]

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How to Prevent Crime with Outdoor Lighting

Crime affects us all, whether we’re in Surrey, White Rock or anywhere else in the world. And while we want to, and should, give people the benefit of the doubt and trust our neighbours, there are certain steps we can take to help prevent the chance of crime happening to us and our families. Prevention is always best and one [...]

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