The Most Common Signs at Home That You Need an Electrician

Signs at Home That You Need an Electrician

In a world awash DIY blogs and tutorials, you can do almost anything on your own. Want to learn to play guitar? Bake a cake? Build a deck? There is plenty of information online, with step-by-step instructions, to help you achieve your do-it-yourself dreams. But one area that’s best left to professionals is electrical work. In order to avoid damage … Read More

Electric Heater Types for Homes

electric heater types

Lots of people say that the cold in Vancouver is different than in other places. Because of the humidity in the air, it’s often chilly and damp and hard to warm up from. Even in the Spring, there is still a bite to the air, especially at night. That’s why electric heaters are a popular option for people who don’t … Read More

Top Home Electrical Panel Problems


Though they may be daunting, electrical problems are sometimes simply a problem with your electrical panel. While we don’t recommend you take on any complicated electrical job on your own (call BPM and we’ll send over a skilled, professional electrician!), there are a few common problems that might occur with your electrical panel that you can at least diagnose on … Read More

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Electrician in Vancouver


Hiring an electrician in Vancouver is a serious thing. A “good” electrician makes sure that you, your family and your home/building are safe and not at risk of burning down. A “bad” one, on the other hand, might put your safety at risk with shoddy workmanship. Poor electrical work can damage your appliances and electronics, can affect your insurance policy … Read More

General Topic: The Role of an Electrician & Electrical Contractor in 2017


We love talking shop. In our line of work, there’s always much to discuss in terms of what we do and how we do it. It’s a trade that needs to evolve with the modern world—what was standard practice and technically advanced not that long ago is basically obsolete for electricians today. If you think of how much the world … Read More

BPM Electric Is A Shell Busey’s House Smart Approved Electrical Contractor


At BPM Electric, we’ve always been proud of the work we do and the commitment to quality in all of our business practices. But did you know that we are also a Shell Busey’s HouseSmart approved electrical contractor? Shell Busey, notable radio personality and former host of the Home Discovery Show, created this network as a service to help homeowners … Read More

BPM Electric Offering Electrical Services For Property Managers


Every residence and building requires different electrical wiring needs. At BPM Electric, we understand these differences and offer an array of unique services, each tailored to suit different needs. One area that we focus on is providing customized wiring services for property managers. Apartment complexes pose a unique set of challenges and property managers can often feel overwhelmed whether there … Read More

Common Electrician Glossary


Most industries have a set of jargon that the average person just doesn’t understand. From the tech world to the medical field, there are some terms and phrases that are reserved for the people who live in those worlds. The electrical trade is no different. There is a long list of words that electricians understand and that the everyday person … Read More

All About Radiant In-floor Heating


There might be nothing more luxurious than heated floors. Waking up after a good night’s sleep or getting out of the shower and stepping onto nice warm floors feels like heaven. Radiant in-floor heating has more benefits than just feeling good. It evenly heats rooms, is quiet, is great for people with allergies and respiratory sensitivities, it is aesthetically pleasing … Read More

Now Offering Electrical Contracting In Chilliwack


Our Chilliwack Electricians Provide The Same Great Service At BPM Electric, we are proud to serve the Lower Mainland and all of the great people and businesses that call the incredible west coast home. And now we are very excited to add another city to the long list of places we serve — we are happy to announce that we … Read More