How To Label your Electrical Panel

The electrical panel in sort of like the brain of your home. It’s from where signals converge and instructions are sent out to the rest of the house so that things happen, like a light coming on with the flip of a switch, for example. Keeping the electrical panel clearly labeled is an important task. It will help in cases … Read More

Top Home Electrical Panel Problems


Though they may be daunting, electrical problems are sometimes simply a problem with your electrical panel. While we don’t recommend you take on any complicated electrical job on your own (call BPM and we’ll send over a skilled, professional electrician!), there are a few common problems that might occur with your electrical panel that you can at least diagnose on … Read More

Guide To An Electrical Panel


There are no two homes exactly alike… but there are some commonalities from house to house. For example, every home has walls and windows, and every house has an electrical panel. You’ve seen it before, that grey box that’s usually in a dark and hardly visited corner of the basement. While you might not think about it often, it’s a … Read More

What Is A Whole House Surge Protector


Sometimes the best measures to take are preventative ones, especially when it comes to electrical wiring in your home. We are talking specifically about protecting your home and devices from power surges. Many people are familiar with surge protectors that plug into an outlet to protect computers or electronic devices, but did you know that there are whole house surge … Read More

Upgrading My Electrical Panels


When is it Time to Upgrade your Electrical Panels? Also known as a breaker box, your electrical panel is the main switchboard that controls all of the power that comes into your house and gets distributed throughout. In recent years, the development of new more advanced appliances and electronics has prompted many people to seek an upgrade for their existing … Read More

Designer Electrical Panels


Most Surrey homes and businesses don’t come with designer electrical panels. Though they’re not a highly-visible fixture and, more often than not, are completely overlooked, electrical panels are an absolutely critical part of modern living. Which is why it’s in the best interest of every Surrey resident to know how their electrical panel works. More often than not, the electrical … Read More

What to Do If You Need More Power Or Circuitry In Your Home


We live in a world of electronics that can put a strain on the power system in your home. Every time you buy a new laptop or plug in a new charger, you make additional demands on the electronic infrastructure in your home. Every time you turn on a light switch or power up your gaming system, you are making … Read More