Thermostat Buying Guide


Even for those of you who held out until the very last moment to kick on the furnace as the fall chill started to creep in, it’s likely you’ve given in by now. Now that the heat is thawing your bones and the usual arguments over what the average temperature has recommenced, perhaps you’ve noticed it’s time to replace your … Read More

Home Thermostat Upgrades


Sometimes the newest technologies can be difficult to keep up with. It seems like almost every day there is a new app or gadget that claims to be smarter than you and promises to make your life easier, but which instead ends up eating up your time and leaving you frustrated. But occasionally there is a new technology that comes … Read More

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat?


Residents in the Surrey and Langley areas are probably all too familiar with how damp and unpleasant the weather can get this time of year. Not only does this weather make it important to have your furnace in proper working order, it is also important to ensure that your thermostat is helping you get the most out of that furnace … Read More