Water Damage and Electricity: What to Do First

electricity and water

If your home has undergone any kind of water damage – from a flood to leaks through the roof or burst pipes in the basement to excessive moisture – there is a chance that your electrical system or wiring has been compromised. Even in cases that don’t seem like a big deal, the combination of water and electrical systems can … Read More

Electrical Safety Tips


Since electricity is a convenience many of us take for granted, it is easy to forget how dangerous it can be both in and around our homes. With the warm weather here, now is the perfect time to make sure your house is safe from any potential electrical hazards. To do so, here are a few electrical safety tips to … Read More

What to Do in a Power Outage: Fun and Safety


The best way to guarantee that you have fun and are safe during a power outage is to prepare. There are plenty of precautions you can take to make sure that your needs are met. Planning Examine all the ways that you use power and decide what you would really miss in an emergency. Basic needs include temperature regulation, food, … Read More

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You


What do you know about Energy Efficient Light Bulbs? Today’s manufacturers are scrambling to create energy-efficient products that customers want to buy. Energy efficiency, however, is more than a mere trend. Many cities and provinces also recommend that businesses and residences now incorporate energy-efficient solutions into their properties. Lighting is an important part of any construction, but if you are … Read More

Trouble Shooting Services By Our Surrey Electricians


Household issues and problems are common enough, but an electrical problem needs dealing with right away. Not only do you want to ascertain the safety of your home and its wiring, but you also rely on your electrical to work optimally. When something out of the ordinary happens with your electrical system, you can call a BPM Electric professional to … Read More