Is it Time for an Electrical Wiring Upgrade?


Many people who aren’t familiar with how electrical systems work usually assume that everything is fine with the electricity in their home so long as all the light switches, electronics and appliances are functioning properly without interruption. Unfortunately, some of these people discover all too late that there was in fact an issue with their home’s electrical system, and that … Read More

Electrical Wiring Tips


Like your heating/cooling systems and your plumbing, the electrical wiring in your home is one of those behind the scenes aspects that only seem to get attention when something goes wrong. Unlike a leaking pipe or a loose air duct, a faulty electrical connection or exposed wire can have consequences that are immediate and potentially dangerous. If you are moving … Read More

Electrical Safety Tips


Since electricity is a convenience many of us take for granted, it is easy to forget how dangerous it can be both in and around our homes. With the warm weather here, now is the perfect time to make sure your house is safe from any potential electrical hazards. To do so, here are a few electrical safety tips to … Read More

What to Do If You Need More Power Or Circuitry In Your Home


We live in a world of electronics that can put a strain on the power system in your home. Every time you buy a new laptop or plug in a new charger, you make additional demands on the electronic infrastructure in your home. Every time you turn on a light switch or power up your gaming system, you are making … Read More

Expert Wiring For Your Hot Tub


Hot tubs have played an important role for people for thousands of years. The ancient Romans, of course, loved their baths and people throughout history have flocked to mineral baths for their therapeutic benefits. Of course, these early tubs and pools did not have the benefit of electrical wiring as modern examples do. We serve Langley and other areas around … Read More