5 Ways Hiring an Electrician Can Improve Your Office Environment

Image of electrician fixing an overhead light

Commercial electricity can be complex. Due to the scale of the buildings and the level of upkeep needed to power them, only the most skilled electrical contractors in Vancouver should be hired for the task. Your office needs to be reliable – making a random power outage a no-go. When it comes to exceeding standards and keeping a business operating smoothly, BPM’s electricians have the experience, tools, and capabilities needed. Here’s how hiring a commercial electrical contractor can meet your workplace needs and improve your office environment:

1.    Prevent Rather Than Treat

No matter how minor or major, an interruption to your workday can be incredibly costly to your business. In fact, it has been estimated that interruptions account for 28 billion hours of wasted time per year. Now that companies are starting to have more in-office hours as the post-pandemic restrictions continue to evolve, it’s crucial that offices are prepared to house efficient, productive employees. Why not encourage efficiency with the right lighting? Our electrical contractors in Vancouver can install LED mood lighting or improved lighting fixtures to boost concentration and productivity. Furthermore, our electricians can prevent delays before they turn into sources of distraction by ensuring all technical equipment is working correctly. By troubleshooting the many power systems of your commercial building, repairing faulty or outdated electrical systems, and more, our electrical services aim to prevent costly problems rather than treat them.

2.    Improves Safety in the Workplace

When running a business, it’s crucial that you keep a safe workplace for your employees, clients, and visitors. Workplace injuries not only compromise people’s safety but can also be incredibly costly for a company. For example, electrical equipment or power boxes pose a serious hazard if they are mishandled or faulty. They can cause burns and electrocution, making them a serious threat to workplace safety. Luckily, many accidents such as these are preventable with the right electrical companies in Vancouver. From organizing cables and minimizing electrical clutter to streamlining electrical infrastructure, installations, and repairs, you can be confident knowing that your commercial building is optimized for workplace safety.

3.    Improve Emergency Response

Fire alarms and security systems need to be installed, maintained, and monitored to ensure they’re audible and responsive in case of emergency. Additionally, a safe route out of the building is crucial, therefore, our electrical contractors can conduct inspections of exit and emergency lights. This way, if there’s a fire or power outage in your building, your employees can navigate their way out safely. In fact, it’s recommended by the National Fire Code of Canada that emergency lighting equipment be tested monthly. Our electrical services can inspect emergency systems and identify damaged equipment, exposed wires, faulty bulbs, and dead batteries to prevent malfunction and save lives.

4.    Reduce Your Energy Bill

No one likes a high energy bill – especially when it’s detrimental to your business and the environment. Thankfully, there are measures you can take such as installing energy-efficient lighting systems to reduce consumption and cut long-term energy costs. LED bulbs alone use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. Not only will this minimize your ecological footprint, but LED lighting requires far less maintenance and lasts longer than traditional bulbs. In addition to this, our electrical contractors can install timers and light sensors to prevent unnecessary power usage. Lastly, we can conduct an audit to switch out any outdated equipment that’s inefficient and energy-guzzling.

5.    Improve Office Comfort

The last thing you want is for your office to be the cause of stress or discomfort for your staff. Harsh lighting and stark colours can not only cause headaches but can also decrease employee concentration and motivation. To set your staff up for success, lighting is an important office consideration. If it’s too dull, it can cause drowsiness and impede focus; if it’s too harsh, eye strain and migraines are practically a given. When our electrical contractors visit your commercial building, you can ask for recommendations to optimize office lighting. New bulbs and fixtures, suitable hues, floors lamps, and mood lighting can really lift the spirits of your employees.

To have your commercial space audited and optimized, reach out to our electrical contractors in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and all other areas of the Lower Mainland. At BPM Electric, we put your comfort first to improve your business and maximize satisfaction.