Compare Gas vs Electric Water Heaters

gas water heater install in the home

Hot water is something that everyone makes use of in their homes each day. Whether you’re washing yourself, your dishes, your food, or practically anything else, you probably rely on your water heater to work properly each day. Thanks to new innovations and upgrades to both tankless heaters and hot water tanks, there has never been a better time to … Read More

How to Buy an EV Charging Station

EV charging station

Electric cars are quickly starting to emerge all over North American roads thanks to their intelligent design, eco-friendly fuel source, and their overall efficiency compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. As a result, electric car owners are often on the lookout for the most efficient and convenient EV charging station they can find. While every electric vehicle comes with a … Read More

Best Smart Home Products for 2020

smart home

Its already 2020, and the new decade promises to be an exciting one when it comes to the innovative and convenient Smart Home products being introduced to the market. Below you’ll find a brief list of some of the most interesting and exciting products with detailed descriptions about how they can help your household become a Smart Home! Smart Home … Read More

The Electric Damage Rats and Mice Cause

mouse rats with electric

Now that the warm weather is beginning to cool and the leaves are starting to change colour, it’s the start of the season where we spend more time indoors. And we’re not the only ones. This is also the season where rodents like rats and mice start to look for a cozy place to nest for the winter, too, wreaking … Read More

Do Window AC Units Use a Lot of Electricity?

window air conditioner

Generally speaking, large appliances and electronics are energy suckers. Dishwashers, washers and dryers, fridges, freezers, as well as televisions and desktop computers – these things all cost money and energy to run. What about air conditioning units? Especially the small ones that mount in a bedroom window or in an opening through an exterior wall – do they consume more … Read More

Light Bulbs for your house: Know the Different Types

types of bulbs

Not all lightbulbs are made the same — there are a few different types out there, and each has its own pros and cons. If you are thinking about changing up the lighting in your home or around the building’s exterior, read on to learn more about the different kinds of bulbs that are available. Common Types of Light Bulbs … Read More

Common Electrical Problems that Occur in the Summer

Electrical problems in the summer

We don’t always think of the summer as a season with exceptionally high energy consumption. The sun is out longer so we don’t need as many lights on, and we spend more time outdoors so we are not using as much electricity indoors… in theory. This is a bit of a misconception, though. Summertime is actually very hard on the … Read More

List of Electric Cars Available For Sale in Canada in 2019

list of EV cars in canada

With rebates now available for the purchase of new electric cars in Canada, and the price of gas in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland at shockingly high and record-setting prices, electric vehicles are more popular than ever. And the city is responding to the demand. The network of electric car charging stations is getting stronger, more convenient and more … Read More

Why do my lights blink on and off when it rains?

Lightning bolt

Living in Vancouver, or any city in the Lower Mainland, means that you’ve experienced your fair share of rain showers. Some days it feels like it’s never going to stop raining. Sometimes it rains so much that you may or may not notice that your lights have just flickered on and off. But you probably have noticed it before, a … Read More

Electric vehicles and charging stations in Vancouver — a breakdown

ev saving in vancovuer

If you live in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, you might remember (how could you not) when the cost of gas reached $1.75+/L earlier this year. I think we are all still recovering from the shock and pain of filling up at those prices. Gas prices have come down slightly since then, but there’s still a sense of worry — … Read More