Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Your Business

Image of EV charging station

For property owners and building developers throughout Vancouver, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a hot topic of discussion. It wasn’t long ago that installing a charging station was considered a waste of money (from a purely business point of view). However, the number of EVs on the roads is steadily (actually rapidly) increasing, and the demand for charging stations … Read More

What are 10 Electrical Safety Requirements for Landlords?

Image of electrician working on apartment outlet

As electrical contractors in Vancouver, we know the rental prices are not cheap in this city. As such, your residential building should be held to a certain safety standard. But how can you be sure? To provide some insight, here are the safety requirements your landlord must provide to ensure your suite is safe and liveable… 1.    Ready Before Possession … Read More

5 Ways Hiring an Electrician Can Improve Your Office Environment

Image of electrician fixing an overhead light

Commercial electricity can be complex. Due to the scale of the buildings and the level of upkeep needed to power them, only the most skilled electrical contractors in Vancouver should be hired for the task. Your office needs to be reliable – making a random power outage a no-go. When it comes to exceeding standards and keeping a business operating … Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Electrician in Vancouver

Image of electrician working with wires in wall

Hiring an electrician is a big decision. It can be hard to know where to start looking for the perfect person, and it’s even more difficult to find one that you trust! While changing a burnt-out bulb is easy enough for most home and business owners, faulty circuits, overloaded outlets, and other common electrical problems should be left to the … Read More

How to Protect Your Home Electrical Devices from a Power Surge in Vancouver

Image of multiple devices plugged into a power bar

A home electrical surge can happen at any time so it’s no surprise that it’s a major concern for homeowners. In Canada alone, there are about 24,000 house fires each year, many of which have been caused by a home electrical problem. The good news is that with the proper precautions, your home, family, and devices can be protected! While … Read More

6 Tips for New Homeowners from a Residential Electrician

Image of woman changing a lightbulb in renovated home

New year, new house. What could be more exciting? While the new year sparks change for many people, you’ve really hit the mark by venturing into life as a homeowner. Not only is it a great investment, but it’s also a space you can cherish and optimize for years to come. However, with this exciting sense of ownership comes responsibility … Read More

How to Safeguard Your Home Against Electrical Hazards This Winter

Image of a person holding their hands over a space heater at home

Along with the chilly weather and frosty mountain peaks, winter is a great time to curl up in your home with an oversized blanket and hot chocolate. While you avoid the brisk weather of the outdoors, you may want to pay some extra attention to your electrical safety. As you increase your use of heaters and other appliances, winter can … Read More

B.C. Government Making Electric Vehicle Chargers More Affordable

Image of EV chargers on road

The world is changing. With global warming on the rise, people are taking charge of their role in fossil fuel emissions. From recycling and composting, to embracing alternative energy sources, it seems there’s always something more our society can be doing. In recent years, there’s been a huge shift in the market to increase our sustainability: the introduction of electric … Read More

Electricians Guide to Holiday Lights: Prevent Power Outages and Stay Safe

Image of Christmas lights installed on home's exterior

December is here! Alongside streams of icicles and trays of gingerbread cookies, comes the emergence of holiday lights throughout Vancouver. Unfortunately, this dose of electrical holiday cheer comes with the occasional power issue. Each year, our electrical contractors are called to help homeowners with power outages caused by holiday lights. Completely preventable in most cases, we want to help save … Read More

How to Stay Safe from Electrical Hazards During a Storm

Image of lightening striking behind a house

Storms come year-round in Canada. No matter the season, whether in the heat of summer or the depths of winter, it’s crucial to stay safe during a storm. There are several misconceptions regarding electrical safety floating around, one myth being that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Well, the CN Tower begs to differ as it gets struck an … Read More