How To Save Energy At Home?

using LED bulbs can help you save your home energy

4 Tips of How To Save Energy At Home 1. Unplug devices We all know to turn off a device when you’re not using it. But devices that are plugged in, even when they’re not “on” will still draw small amounts of energy. It’s not a lot, but over time that cost will build up. An easy way to save … Read More

Considerations for Electrical Renovation in Your Home

upgrade your electricity for you home

If you’re remodelling your home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is give your home an electrical renovation. Those exposed walls are the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home’s electrical system’s power, efficiency, and safety. Here are a few things you should consider when planning your electrical renovation. 4 Things To Consider For Electrical Renovation 1. Recharging … Read More

Why You Should Install a Sub Panel?

understand the reason of installing the sub panel for your home

Whether your home is equipped with a fuse panel or a circuit breaker panel, the function of the electrical panel is essentially the same. As power is fed into your home via the utility power lines it is intercepted and evenly distributed throughout your home via your breaker or fuse panel. This ensures there will be no dangerous electrical overloads … Read More

BC Electric Car Rebate 2020

women is charging her electric car on the street parking

For those drivers considering making the switch from a combustible engine vehicle to an Electric Vehicle, now may be a better time than ever to do so. With increased rebates and financial incentives coming to BC residents in 2020, the time has never been better to invest in an Electric Vehicle. Even if you are a new driver looking for … Read More

4 Warning Signs of a Defective Wall Switch

signals when you need to change your wall switchers

Since we use them practically every day, it can be easy to forget that a wall switch is just one part of an interconnected electrical system. When the wall switch begins to function in an abnormal way, it is usually a sign that it has become defective. In these cases, it is always best to replace the switch as soon … Read More

Preparing for a Power Outage in BC

power outage happened in Vancouver

At the best of times, a sudden power outage can be a slight annoyance. In the worst of times a power outage in BC can be a major emergency, That is why no matter what it is always best to be prepared for any situation when the power suddenly shuts off. Below, we have put together some tips and a … Read More

BC Electric Car Rebate in 2020

Calculating electric car Rebate Program in BC

Each day residents in BC are surrounded by news and information regarding climate change and the many implications associated with that environmental trend. Many homeowners have tried to do their part by reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption at home. Adding solar panels, high-efficiency appliances and even energy-saving light bulbs to any property is a good way to reduce … Read More

Compare Gas vs Electric Water Heaters

gas water heater install in the home

Hot water is something that everyone makes use of in their homes each day. Whether you’re washing yourself, your dishes, your food, or practically anything else, you probably rely on your water heater to work properly each day. Thanks to new innovations and upgrades to both tankless heaters and hot water tanks, there has never been a better time to … Read More

How to Buy an EV Charging Station

EV charging station

Electric cars are quickly starting to emerge all over North American roads thanks to their intelligent design, eco-friendly fuel source, and their overall efficiency compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. As a result, electric car owners are often on the lookout for the most efficient and convenient EV charging station they can find. While every electric vehicle comes with a … Read More

Best Smart Home Products for 2020

smart home

Its already 2020, and the new decade promises to be an exciting one when it comes to the innovative and convenient Smart Home products being introduced to the market. Below you’ll find a brief list of some of the most interesting and exciting products with detailed descriptions about how they can help your household become a Smart Home! Smart Home … Read More