When to Replace Your Smoke Detectors?

Image of smoke detector and smoke

How Often Should You Replace Smoke Detectors? It’s commonly known that the batteries in your smoke detector should be replaced every year. However, a topic that is not discussed enough and that’s vital to ensure optimal safety, is how often the actual smoke detector should be replaced. The electrical contractors at BPM Electric understand the importance of fire safety. As … Read More

Should an Electrician Install Your AC Unit?

visual image of AC units

Do you need a certified electrician to install your new AC unit? Vancouver is no stranger to hot summer weather. On those dreaded days where the sun is out and the heat warnings have been announced, investing in a new air conditioner (AC) unit may be the best decision you’ve ever made. AC units are great for regulating temperatures and … Read More

Is Aluminum Wiring Dangerous?

visual image of stripped aluminum wires

Is it Dangerous to have Aluminum Wiring in Your Home? While the wiring of your home may not be the most electrifying topic (pun intended), it’s most definitely an important one. Houses that have been built using solid-conductor aluminum wiring rather than the standard copper could be a cause for concern. While aluminum wiring is mostly safe if installed correctly, … Read More

Greener Homes Grant: Save Money on Energy Saving Upgrades to Your Home

Our Vancouver electricians can help you upgrade your home and apply for a greener home grant program

The Canadian government has announced a new program that will allow homeowners to retrofit their homes to make them more energy-efficient. Oh, and there’s a chance to earn $5,000 in the process. The Greener Homes Grant What Is The Greener Homes Grant? The Greener Homes Grant is a $2.6 billion program that offers to pay Canadians to install energy-saving upgrades … Read More

What Type of Electrical Wire is Used in Homes?

understand different types of wiring for your home

If you ask the majority of homeowners about the kind of wiring that is used in their homes, chances are they will mostly all say the same thing: “wires”, with no other explanation.   If this includes you, we don’t blame you. Learning about the particular kinds of wiring that are used in your home can range from being boring … Read More

What is Knob and Tube Wiring?

understand what is knob and tube and the different between other house wiring

What kind of wiring does your house have? The answer to this question will largely depend on the year of its construction. While older homes are often renowned for their abundance of character and sturdy construction, if you own a home that was built before the 1950s, you probably have what is known as knob and tube wiring (also known … Read More

How Much Do Electricians Charge to Troubleshoot in Vancouver?

check out how much is electrician charge in Vancouver area

“I’ll have to troubleshoot it.” While it’s a phrase that we often hear used by professionals, it’s one that comes with somewhat of an ambiguous impression when it comes to price. While many of us can understand the importance of troubleshooting a problem in order to find the best solution, it is understandable to worry that project troubleshooting will leave … Read More

How to Add Lighting to a Living Room?

our surrey electrician can help you install the lights for your livingroom

If you are currently in the process of remodelling or re-decorating your home, one thing is true: lighting matters. After all, you can add as many trendy pieces of furniture as you would like and add the flooring of your dreams, but if you do not have the proper lighting system in place, it will all be in vain. We’ll … Read More

How Much is Electricity in Vancouver?

learn how to lower your electricity bill for your Vancouver home

There are many benefits to living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia — but the cost of living isn’t typically one of them. However, there are more variables that go into determining how much it costs to live in a place than just housing costs alone. Electricity costs, for example, are another thing that you have to determine when you are … Read More

5 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

design the smart light for your kitchen

When it comes to the lighting in your home, there is no room as important as the kitchen. After all, in what other room could substandard lighting result in a gauge in your finger or incorrect spice usage? Okay, so maybe those things aren’t likely to happen unless you are operating in a kitchen without any light at all. But … Read More