What Colour is the Best Lightbulb For Your Kitchen?

pick the right lightbulb color for your kitchen

When it comes to getting the most out of the rooms of your homes, lighting is a key part of determining your overall ambience. However, this is one area of design where a “one size fits all” approach simply will not do.   The reason for this is the fact that you use each room in your house for very … Read More

5 Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

There are many things to love about older residential buildings. Not only do they offer an undeniable charm, but they also tend to have larger rooms and hallways that seem to be becoming less and less common in modern buildings.   However, even if an old building appears to be in great condition externally, it’s inevitable that certain problems can … Read More

7 Reasons to Install Smart Lighting in Your Home

install the LED smart lighting for you home can save money and energy for your home

When it comes to home improvement, the word “smart” is thrown around a lot these days. But what does it really mean? If you think that your home is going to start solving math problems for you, you may be sorely disappointed. However, if you are looking for ways to make improvements in your day to day life through technology, … Read More

How to Run A Sub-Panel To A Detected Garage?

there are lots of benefits of installing sub panel in your detached garage

Head’s up: although the information in this article can offer practical advice and tips, for the safety of yourself and others it is always recommended that you contact a licensed electrician before performing any electrical work.   A “subpanel” is sometimes also known as a “breaker box” or a “satellite circuit breaker panel”. Deciding to install a subpanel in your … Read More

Can LED Lights Be Used Outdoors?

outdoor led lights makes your home patio more cozy

We have all seen the outdoor LED patio setups on Pinterest — the enviably cozy outdoor spaces that are made even more inviting by the twinkle of string lighting. However, as tempting as it can be to optimize your outdoor living spaces, it’s important to question whether or not your dream designs pose a hazard to you, your friends, or … Read More

EV Charger Rebate Program in BC

installed your ev charger station at home with bc ev rebate program

Back in September of last year, the provincial government enacted a series of financial incentives designed to get BC residents to make the switch to an electric vehicle. The EV charger rebate is one of these incentives, and it is scheduled to remain in effect until March 2021, or until funds for the program run out. In fact, there are … Read More

What To Do When Your Smoke Alarm Keeps Beeping?

close on smoke alarm that attached on the ceiling of home

It has probably happened to you before. Whether late at night while you’re trying to sleep, or seemingly periodically throughout the day, your smoke alarm starts beeping, but there is no smoke, let alone a fire. So what causes this annoying beeping that comes from your smoke detector? And more importantly, what do you do when this occurs? As annoying … Read More

How To Save Energy At Home?

using LED bulbs can help you save your home energy

4 Tips of How To Save Energy At Home 1. Unplug devices We all know to turn off a device when you’re not using it. But devices that are plugged in, even when they’re not “on” will still draw small amounts of energy. It’s not a lot, but over time that cost will build up. An easy way to save … Read More

Considerations for Electrical Renovation in Your Home

upgrade your electricity for you home

If you’re remodelling your home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is give your home an electrical renovation. Those exposed walls are the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home’s electrical system’s power, efficiency, and safety. Here are a few things you should consider when planning your electrical renovation. 4 Things To Consider For Electrical Renovation 1. Recharging … Read More

Why You Should Install a Sub Panel?

understand the reason of installing the sub panel for your home

Whether your home is equipped with a fuse panel or a circuit breaker panel, the function of the electrical panel is essentially the same. As power is fed into your home via the utility power lines it is intercepted and evenly distributed throughout your home via your breaker or fuse panel. This ensures there will be no dangerous electrical overloads … Read More