Why do my lights blink on and off when it rains?

Lightning bolt

Living in Vancouver, or any city in the Lower Mainland, means that you’ve experienced your fair share of rain showers. Some days it feels like it’s never going to stop raining. Sometimes it rains so much that you may or may not notice that your lights have just flickered on and off. But you probably have noticed it before, a … Read More

Electric vehicles and charging stations in Vancouver — a breakdown

ev saving in vancovuer

If you live in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, you might remember (how could you not) when the cost of gas reached $1.75+/L earlier this year. I think we are all still recovering from the shock and pain of filling up at those prices. Gas prices have come down slightly since then, but there’s still a sense of worry — … Read More

How to Put Out an Electrical Fire

electical fire tips

Fear of fire is one of the top phobias in the world — #52 in fact (though oddly enough, fear of butterflies, or Lepidopterophobia, comes in at #43 — we will need to fact check this list). Either way, people are terrified of fires, and rightly so. Any kind of fire, especially electrical fires, can quickly get out of control … Read More

How To Label your Electrical Panel

electrician working on circuit

The electrical panel in sort of like the brain of your home. It’s from where signals converge and instructions are sent out to the rest of the house so that things happen, like a light coming on with the flip of a switch, for example. Keeping the electrical panel clearly labeled is an important task. It will help in cases … Read More

How to make your basement more energy efficient?

energy efficiency chart

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an older home, making spaces more energy efficient have a great number of benefits. With basements especially, there is a positive chain reaction that occurs. The two most notable things about upgrading a basement’s energy efficiency are that it’s good for the environment and it’s good for the pocketbook. Here’s a … Read More

Do I Need an Electrician To Change a Light Fixture?

Do I need an electrician to change a light fixture

People love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects — and we don’t blame them. There is a sense of real pride and accomplishment that comes after using your own hands and learning new skills to complete a job. Why do you think we got into this business in the first place? We love the feeling of completing a job, and doing it well. … Read More

The Most Common Signs at Home That You Need an Electrician

Signs at Home That You Need an Electrician

In a world awash DIY blogs and tutorials, you can do almost anything on your own. Want to learn to play guitar? Bake a cake? Build a deck? There is plenty of information online, with step-by-step instructions, to help you achieve your do-it-yourself dreams. But one area that’s best left to professionals is electrical work. In order to avoid damage … Read More

Can Power Outage Damage Electrical Appliances?

Can Power Outage Damage Electrical Appliances?

Some people love storm watching, and for good reason. Watching thick, dark, dramatic clouds roll in, lit up by bolts of lightning is a pretty spectacular display of the elements. But when lightning strikes close to home, it can disrupt the power grid and cause an outage. Even though it happens in a flash, people wonder if a power outage … Read More

Water Damage and Electricity: What to Do First

electricity and water

If your home has undergone any kind of water damage – from a flood to leaks through the roof or burst pipes in the basement to excessive moisture – there is a chance that your electrical system or wiring has been compromised. Even in cases that don’t seem like a big deal, the combination of water and electrical systems can … Read More

Electric Heater Types for Homes

electric heater types

Lots of people say that the cold in Vancouver is different than in other places. Because of the humidity in the air, it’s often chilly and damp and hard to warm up from. Even in the Spring, there is still a bite to the air, especially at night. That’s why electric heaters are a popular option for people who don’t … Read More