Electrical Tips for Your Office


Virtually every office or commercial building you will ever find runs on electricity. Business owners and office workers rely on uninterrupted power to maintain productivity and provide their own services to their customers. With so much relying on the electricity in an office or commercial building, it is important that workers as well as employers are aware of the necessary measures that should be taken to ensure they are using their electricity properly and safely.

Hazards to Look For

Whether you work in a small office, operate a storefront or a commercial building, it is always important to keep and eye out for any potential safety concerns. To give you an idea of what to look for around your office, check out this brief list:

• Electrical Cord Placement – Ensure that all electrical cords are away from any radiators or heat sources where they can melt and become exposed.
• Defective Electrical Cords – Over time, many electrical cords can become frayed or worn out, especially if they are frequently moved or plugged and unplugged. Make sure to check these cords on a regular basis.
• Overloaded Outlets – Whether it is a small appliance or a large piece of office equipment, having too many items plugged into one outlet is usually a severe fire hazard.
• Ungrounded Equipment – Many offices feature equipment like copiers and printers that use a large amount of power. It is important to make sure these pieces of equipment are grounded in order to avoid any unsafe situations.

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Install Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential to maintaining the productivity of your office as well as ensuring the safety of your employees. Having energy efficient lighting can also help you save a great deal of money in the future on your electricity bill. Consider investing in compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting that can keep your office bright while using less energy. You may also want to invest in additional outdoor lighting to keep the area around your office bright for a little extra security for your workers as they come and go from work each day.

Have a Generator Handy

Power outages can be unpredictable and can become a real hassle if you find yourself unprepared. Sometimes you need to get that project done regardless of a power outage, or you need to keep the heat running during a winter outage at work. Having a generator on hand can be a great way to avoid any of the problems that come with a sudden power outage.

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