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BPM Electric Ltd. is fully licensed and certified to conduct electrical inspections for homes and commercial buildings throughout British Columbia. Our assessment will verify that your electrical system is safe to use and up to code according to the Safety Standards General Regulation. With a detailed and professional electrical safety inspection, you can gain the peace of mind knowing your home electrical is safe and optimized.

Electrical Safety Requirements for Homes in BC

Throughout British Columbia and Canada, the Safety Standard Act applies to any person that installs, maintains, alters, or operates electrical equipment. While the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) sets the standard for electrical work throughout the country, each province holds their own set of amendments and specifications.

A BC electrical inspection is conducted to ensure all electrical equipment and installations are safe and in compliance with the BC Electrical Code. The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) is the organization responsible for maintaining electrical safety throughout the province and authorizing electrical contractors. To be authorized, the electrical contractor must be licensed by the BCSA, and have the appropriate qualifications and experience to perform electrical safety inspections.

At BPM Electric, our electricians have the necessary authorization and permits from the BCSA to conduct your home electrical safety inspection. To verify that your home is in accordance with Technical Safety BC standards, our electrical contractors will act as a field safety representative on behalf of the BCSA. Following the final inspection, our team will receive a Certificate of Inspection from the BCSA verifying that your electrical equipment and/ or installations have been approved.

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We proudly serve all areas of the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and Prince George, including but not limited to:

  • Burnaby
  • New Westminster
  • Coquitlam
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Anmora
  • Belcarra
  • Surrey
  • Vancouver
  • Abbotsford
  • Richmond
  • Chilliwack
  • Hope
  • Harrison Hot Springs
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Reasons for Electrical Inspections in BC

A solid electrical system is crucial to the safety and functionality of your home. If not properly maintained, your electrical equipment can become a serious safety hazard. However, regular electrical safety inspections will not only identify and correct any issues, but they will also put your mind at ease. So, whether you want to sell or buy a home, replace outdated aluminum wiring, report electrical issues, or ensure the safety of your family from potential hazards, a detailed electrical safety inspection by BPM is the way to go.

Some additional reasons homeowners require a professional electrical safety inspection include:

  • Installation Inspection: If you have a new electrical installation, renovation, or addition to your home, it may require an electrical installation permit to be approved for technical safety.
  • Service Inspection: When an electrical service connection is installed or upgraded, a licensed electrical contractor can approve it for electrical safety.
  • Maintenance Inspection: This is performed to ensure all electrical work is safe, well-maintained, and does not pose any safety hazards. This is often performed for clients looking to sell or buy a home, or for general safety inspections.
  • Re-Inspection: Should your equipment fail the initial inspection request, another round of electrical safety inspections is required for certification.

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Benefits of Electrical Safety Inspection

The purpose behind a whole-house electrical safety inspection is to ensure your home electrical complies with federal and provincial standards. This is not only legally required in some cases, but it also gives you the peace of mind knowing the electrical components in your home are safe for everyday use.

An electrical safety inspection can also bring attention to unsafe electrical work, such as deteriorating electrical equipment, outdated aluminum, knob tube, or rough wiring, old light fixtures, an overloaded electrical panel, and more. Identifying these issues before they present in your home allows for proactive measures to be taken. This can ultimately prevent unsafe conditions such as electrical fires, shocks, and power surges.

While important for your safety, a home electrical safety inspection can also save you money. For one, a well-functioning electrical system will cut down your BC Hydro bill. Additionally, being in good standing with your inspection requests can reduce the premiums for your home insurance. Furthermore, an updated electrical equipment that has passed an electrical safety inspection can increase the value of your home. And lastly, you can avoid the costly repairs and replacements that come with neglected electrical issues.

How Do We Conduct Electrical Inspections

An inspection is designed to ensure your electrical system is properly installed, safe to use, and in compliance with safety standards, including the BC Electrical Code. During your electrical inspection, we can test and inspect all electrical components including the fuse box or breaker panel, electrical plugs, GFCI outlets, electrical wiring, light fixtures, exhaust fans, appliances, and safety devices such as smoke alarms and CO detectors.

While the specifics vary case by case, our process may include:

  • Verifying that any new installation matches the approved electrical permit drawings and specifications.
  • Checking for proper grounding and bonding of the electrical system.
  • Providing physical inspections of electrical wiring, panels, fuses, breakers, etc.
  • Verifying that electrical devices, including outlets and switches, are properly installed and functioning in compliance with electrical code.
  • Testing the electrical supply system to ensure it is safe to use and up to code.

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Electrical Safety Inspection FAQ

How much does an electrical inspection cost?

The total cost of an electrical safety inspection is dependent on the size of the home or commercial building, the issues uncovered (if applicable), and several other factors. On average, an electrical inspection will cost between $300-$450; however, please request a quote for a personalized assessment.

Who does electrical inspections in BC?

To perform an electrical inspection in British Columbia, an electrical contractor must be fully licensed and authorized by the BC Safety Authority (BCSA). Our team at BPM is fully licensed and certified to fulfill commercial and home electrical safety inspection requests.

How do you pass an electrical inspection?

A BPM electrician will inspect and test all necessary electric components which will be documented in a detailed report. If no deficiencies or areas of non-compliance are discovered, you will be issued a Certificate of Inspection by the BCSA.

Are electrical inspections a legal requirement?

An electrical inspection is legally required during various stages of a project. For example, if you are renovating your home, any new electrical installations must meet the standards set by Technical Safety BC.

Can you buy a house without an electrical certificate?

While obtaining a certificate verifying electrical safety is not mandatory to buy a home, it is common and highly recommended. An electrical inspection allows you to uncover issues and negotiate accordingly, saving you money and ensuring your safety.

How long does an electrical safety check take?

The average electrical inspection takes about two hours to complete. However, depending on the size of the home or building, and the issues uncovered, this time may vary.

How often should i do electrical inspections in BC?

Typically, we recommend a whole-house electrical inspection every 10 years for owner-occupied homes and 5 years for renters.

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