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We dont want to get political here but there has been a lot of talk in the news lately of pipelines and rising tensions with a certain province that borders BC. Its a complex topic that warrants time and consideration. This discussion pertains to us at BPM as the push for electric vehicles (EVs) grows stronger throughout the province. Additionally, with gas prices hovering above $1.50/L,  its a movement that’ll most likely continue to grow. Due to our work in the electrical industry, we have a lot of clients asking what the deal is with EVs and the level of our involvement. BPM Electric is proud to provide EV charger installation services.

Plug In BC is the organization responsible for pushing and keeping EVs in the public dialogue and getting the provincial government to start taking action on increasing the number of EV charging stations in the fight against fossil fuels. With more and more people turning to EVs, the need for charging stations is increasing too. The goal is to make the transition more affordable, accessible, and seamless for building owners to offer charging stations to residents.

The main plan of action is called the Charging Solutions and Incentives Program. Through it, building owners or strata councils can receive rebates towards the cost of EV charging equipment and can get support services for planning and installing EV chargers.

The program sets up building owners with expert consultations, education, and advice to see if they are the right fit. The Charging Solutions and Incentives Program will assign an EV Advisor who will:

  • Present information to employers, staff, residents, and strata councils on the processes of EV installation including user guidelines within stratas and workplaces, and the benefits of acquiring chargers.
  • Provide a site consultation on your specific charging needs and options. These site consultations will provide a high-level review of your charging needs.

These consultations are not a substitute for an electrician, which is where we come in. BPM is proud to offer thorough electrical assessments and quotes for EV chargers installation.

Switching over to an EV is a big decision to make. Its one of those things that a lot of people are curious about but hesitant to dive into. It's understandable as people are still unsure about the technology and are nervous about the availability of electrical charging stations.

In order to make the switch seamless for both consumers and providers, the province is also trying to make it easier and more cost-effective to purchase an EV. There are currently three vehicle incentive programs available to BC residents to help reduce the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle.

  1. The Clean Energy Vehicle Program (CEVforBC)
  2. BC SCRAP-IT Program (applies to new or used EVs if you scrap a car)
  3. Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive for vehicles not covered by the CEVforBC program (such as e-motorbikes, forklifts, trucks and buses)

There are also programs for fleets of vehicles, for example if you own a junk removal or delivery company with a larger quantity of trucks or cars.

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Benefits after EV charger installation

If the cost of gas is not enough to get you thinking about how an EV charger installation can benefit your life, here are some other points to consider.

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Carbon Footprint

EVs don’t produce harmful greenhouse gases when you drive them. In BC, we are fortunate to have a grid that relies on hydro-produced energy, which has few upstream emissions so switching to an EV really has an impact in reduction.


If you haven’t driven an EV before, you’ll never forget the first time you do. After having only driven gas-powered cars before, you’ll notice the difference in acceleration and instant torque. And they’re so quiet! It’s a fun experience.

Design and Technology

There have been huge leaps forward in model design and technology. Most major vehicle makers offer beautiful EV models that are sleek and beautiful. They come in all sizes from SUVs to compact cars. And the battery technology is only improving, meaning they are more efficient and the charge lasts longer than ever.


This is the big question on everyone’s mind — how far can an EV reliable go before it needs a charge? As mentioned, batteries are only improving and the current range averages between 100-200 km. If you are an urban driver, the average daily drive is about 30 km so you’ll have plenty of charge left. Some vehicles can last more than 500 km, meaning it’s only going to get better for the average car.

Less Maintenance

Compared to internal combustion engines, electric vehicles are simple and have few moving parts. This means that there are fewer things to fix and fewer trips to the mechanic in the future.

Cost Savings

This is the big one. As mentioned, gas prices are currently at astronomical heights. At more than $1.50/L, it is a shock to the system every time you need to fill the tank. EVs cost as little as $320 a year (a year!) to fuel  thats less than $30 per month or $1 a day.

All this is to say that there is change coming our way and its always nice to be an early adopter. At BPM, we are proud to be involved in EV charging station installation and are happy to help with any questions if you are thinking about offering this service at your home or building.


The amount of time it takes to charge an electric vehicle can vary from 30 minutes to over 12 hours. This will depend on the size of the battery in the electric car and the type of EV charging station it is plugged into. A typical electric vehicle with a 60kWh battery can charge from empty to full in just under 8 hours when plugged into a 7kW EV charging station.

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