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If you’re looking for residential or commercial indoor or outdoor garden/patio lighting installation, BPM Electric can provide experienced professionals to complete the job on time. We work on new builds and renovations, offering a number of services to keep your home or workplace well lit, safe, and secure.

Outdoor Lighting Systems

Indoor Lighting Systems

Exterior lighting has several key purposes: safety, security, and aesthetics. Finding the right lighting for your property can make a big difference in your resale value and safety.

Exterior lighting is proven to reduce crime, acting as a deterrent and detector of criminal activity. Proper lighting removes areas of concealment, and can alert homeowners of unwelcome guests.

Well-placed exterior lighting can also decrease hazards, whether it be for yourself, late-night guests or delivery workers. Tasteful lighting can also turn outdoor spaces into living spaces, helping you make the most out of your property.

Proper indoor lighting can accent unique home finishes, create ambiance, ease eyestrain, and increase safety. Well-placed and carefully designed lighting can also greatly improve the resale value of a home; especially bathroom and kitchen lighting.

Some options include track, pot/recessed lighting, accent lighting, puck lights or under cabinet lighting, that can all be used for accenting focal points. We can work with you to determine the best type of lighting for your needs.

At BPM Electric, we are dedicated to crafting the perfect lighting solution for your home or workplace, with minimal interruptions to your lifestyle. Contact us today for a quote or to discuss indoor and outdoor lighting options.

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Electrical Panel Maintenance and Installation

Proper electrical panel maintenance is vital to a well-functioning home. BPM Electric completes the work quickly, causing minimal interruption to your daily routine, to ensure your electrical panel conforms to code and meets all requirements.   

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Electrical Sub Panel Installation & Upgrades

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Electrical Wiring & Outlets Services

When you need an electrical wiring contractor in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, you can rely on our experienced team to provide quality work that meets the needs of your home or commercial building.

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Lighting Installation

Looking to jazz up that patio? BPM Electric offers expert lighting installation to indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Commercial Electrician Services

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Home & Office Renovation

BPM Electric provides timely and exceptional renovation services, offering honest prices by trusted and trained professionals.

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