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Dedicated to the provision of exceptional electrical work like wiring and outlet installation, BPM Electric is proud to be a contributing member of the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley communities. Among our services, we offer residential and commercial wiring and outlet installation, for homes and buildings of all sizes. No project is too complex for our professional electricians who have years of experience providing home and business wiring services.

Quality Residential Wiring & Outlets Installation Services

Electrical wiring is a basic necessity in homes today. Nearly every device or appliance utilizes electrical power to operate. It is essential to ensure that your home wiring has been installed properly and safely according to existing Vancouver safety codes. Our skilled & licensed electricians have the ability to inspect your home, rewire when necessary, and install new wiring or outlet receptacles with the required AMP rating.

Quality Commercial Wiring Services

BPM electricians have the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to perform all manner of wiring services for commercial or multi-dwelling buildings. Our electricians have full knowledge to handle the complexities of commercial wiring. All electrical wiring should be completed by a qualified professional who can complete the work in accordance to electrical code, ensuring that connections are properly installed. You will be treated with the highest level of professionalism and every question will be answered to your satisfaction.

What Can Our Residential & Commercial Electricians Do?

Complex electrical wiring diagrams need the skills of experienced electricians, such as the ones employed by BPM Electric. In order to ensure the safety of a household or business, electric wiring-specific codes are in place and permits must be obtained, particularly if changes are being made to an existing electrical system. Our licensed electricians are familiar with BC Electrical codes and have the technical skills needed to troubleshoot, replace, install, and upgrade housing and commercial building wiring.

Why Choose BPM Electric for Wiring Services?

It's necessary to regularly update wiring in order to keep up with the demands of new appliances, higher energy usage, and upgraded equipment. Our servicemen are trained to upgrade amperage in order to provide safe and secure electricity services to your home or business.

BPM Electric‘s certified electricians are highly qualified to complete any residential or commercial wiring project, and consistently go above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Using precise strategies, our trained electricians take every safety precaution needed to perform electrical wiring & grounding tasks.

What We Deliver

As a full-service electrical contractor, BPM Electric specializes in residential and commercial wiring installations, upgrades, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Meeting our customers’ expectations as we service their homes and buildings is our privilege.

Our highly trained and licensed electricians can assess your home or business building to determine whether or not it requires wiring upgrades. They have the skills needed to troubleshoot disruptive electrical services, including intermittent outages and/or surges. Our electricians ensure that your wiring is hazard-free and safe to use.

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Electrical Panel Maintenance and Installation

Proper electrical panel maintenance is vital to a well-functioning home. BPM Electric completes the work quickly, causing minimal interruption to your daily routine, to ensure your electrical panel conforms to code and meets all requirements.   

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Electrical Sub Panel Installation & Upgrades

Is your electrical panel getting a little cramped? If so, an Electrical Sub Panel might be the best option for adding new circuits. BPM Electric can install this panel quickly and efficiently.

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Electrical Wiring & Outlets Services

When you need an electrical wiring contractor in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, you can rely on our experienced team to provide quality work that meets the needs of your home or commercial building.

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Lighting Installation

Looking to jazz up that patio? BPM Electric offers expert lighting installation to indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Commercial Electrician Services

Contact our team at BPM Electric today to discuss how we can help speed along your commercial services, repairs and maintenance.

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Home & Office Renovation

BPM Electric provides timely and exceptional renovation services, offering honest prices by trusted and trained professionals.

Home & Business Wiring Services We Provide

We provide wiring for each of the following features:

  • Dedicated circuits
  • GFCI receptacles
  • Interior Lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Computer networks
  • Landscaping wiring
  • Hardwired smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • Explosion proof wiring
  • Rewiring Update
  • Grounded electrical wiring
  • Outlet installations
  • Rewiring of fixtures
  • Communication systems
  • Digital security systems
  • Pool and hot tubs
  • Parking lots and garages

When you need an electrical wiring contractor in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, you can rely on our experienced team to provide quality work that meets the needs of your home or commercial building. Please call us today for a quote or any questions you may have.

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