Emergency Electrical Service


Electrical Emergency Should Be Handled By An Experienced Electrical Contractor

There are a few things in this world you simply don’t want to play around with unless you have some serious skill or expertise, that is. Wild animals, power tools, and baking pies are just a few that come to mind.

Another potential danger zone for most people is electricity and electrical wiring in your home. And even if you are skilled, knowledgable and a little gutsy, emergencies can still happen. There are other times, still, when electrical emergencies are not anyone’s fault, like when emergencies result from a storm, for example. No matter the case, electrical emergencies can be scary and require the immediate attention of a professional.

At BPM Electric, we are proud to offer 24 hour emergency electrical services. Our experts are always on hand for those times when things get out of hand, or you simply aren’t sure what to do.

We would like to offer some advice first in case you are experiencing any one of the following situations.

Electrical Shock

If you or someone near you has received an electrical shock from a live source, immediately disconnect the power source. If someone has suffered an injury, first call 911 and attend to the injury with First Aid. Always keep an easily accessible and fully stocked First Aid kit at home and at every job site. After the injured party has been attended to, call our electrical emergency services to help with the electrical problem.

Electrical Fire

If you are facing an electrical fire, DO NOT pour water on the fire. Instead, use a fire extinguisher or suffocate the flames if there is no nearby extinguisher. Disconnect the power source and immediately call our 24 hour emergency line. Remember to keep your fire extinguishers up to date and in a convenient location.

Electrical Power Lines

If you see a downed electrical power line, DO NOT approach it. Keep a safe distance of at least 10 meters and stay inside your vehicle. Immediately call our emergency electrical line.

If you live in Surrey, Langley, White Rock, South Surrey or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, and you are concerned that you are facing an electrical emergency, give us a call immediately. We respond to calls for situations like:

  • If you smell or see smoke coming from the fuse box or electrical wiring behind the walls
  • There is sparking or electrical arcing from a power source to a device or appliance
  • A heavy storm with lightning or flooding has caused damage to the external power supply
  • A nearby fire has affected the local power supply
  • An electrical device has been submerged in water
  • You have experienced a shock from touching a live wire or when using a device or appliance
  • There is a circuit breaker in your home that keeps tripping without explanation
  • The fuses in your home keep burning out for no apparent reason
  • You see a live wire or fallen electrical pole in your neighbourhood

Remember that live wires and electrical sources have the potential to cause serious damage. Electrical situations can result in fires, injuries and even death. Unlike baking a pie that has turned out soggy or sour, electrical emergencies can have serious consequences.

Don’t take a chance with an electrical emergency. If you feel that you are dealing with an electrical emergency and live in Surrey, Langley, White Rock, South Surrey or elsewhere in the Lower Mainland, give us a call at BPM Electrical immediately. We will help you assess the situation and if necessary, send our experts to attend to the situation.

Keep our phone number on your fridge or in an easy to find location. Our experienced professionals are on call to help if you need us.