Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You


What do you know about Energy Efficient Light Bulbs?

Today’s manufacturers are scrambling to create energy-efficient products that customers want to buy. Energy efficiency, however, is more than a mere trend. Many cities and provinces also recommend that businesses and residences now incorporate energy-efficient solutions into their properties. Lighting is an important part of any construction, but if you are relying on outdated bulbs or fixtures and failing to adopt new energy-efficient lighting, you’re likely paying far more than you have too. If you live in Langley, the time to contact your electrical contractor for advice or to perform new light installation is now of you want to save money on energy costs.


Know Your Light Bulbs

Most of us are familiar, of course, with the traditional incandescent bulb. This hard-working lighting feature is still popularly used in many homes, but its heyday is passing as new, more energy-efficient lighting features come on the market. One of the energy-efficient solutions that many people throughout British Columbia are now embracing is the CFL, a compact fluorescent lamp. Available in various styles, these bulbs cost more outright than your traditional incandescent bulb; however, they are designed to last roughly 9,000 hours longer than incandescent bulbs and they also use less energy to provide outstanding light.

LEDs are also a popular energy-efficient solution you can adopt to light your home or business. LEDs will generally last you twenty-five times longer than your incandescent bulbs and use far less energy to run effectively. As one of the most energy-efficient lighting solutions on the market today, you should certainly consider replacing your inefficient incandescent bulbs with them.


Contacting Your Langley Electrical Contractor

Although you can easily replace your outdated bulbs with new, energy-efficient light bulbs, it’s important to contact your certified electrical contractor to replace old fixtures simply as an important safety precaution. You should also discuss any concerns you have about new light bulbs with your electrical contractor. This professional can talk to you about regional recommendations concerning energy-efficient features. Because not all LEDs, for instance, are created equal, you should obtain some recommendations about these bulbs from your contractor too.

In addition, your contractor will be able to recommend specific fixtures and bulbs for your home or business. Not only do you need to obtain effective lighting, you want to ensure that you’re getting the most-energy efficient products that will meet your specific needs.

The fact is, adopting improved lighting schemes that are energy efficient will save you substantially on energy costs over time. Therefore, hiring your Langley electrical contractor is, indeed, an investment that will reward you over time. Of course, cost savings isn’t the only benefit of switching to energy-efficient lighting. When you adopt more energy-efficient features for your home or business, you are also helping to protect the environment through increased energy conservation methods. If you have questions about specific lighting products, be sure to consult with your electrical contractor.