Expert Wiring For Your Hot Tub


Hot tubs have played an important role for people for thousands of years. The ancient Romans, of course, loved their baths and people throughout history have flocked to mineral baths for their therapeutic benefits. Of course, these early tubs and pools did not have the benefit of electrical wiring as modern examples do. We serve Langley and other areas around the Vancouver. Let BMM Electric Wire your hot tub personally.

Hot Tub Wiring

BPM Electric performs hot tub wiring throughout the year. Hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes. Most feature jets that move the water around and large units may even feature a couple water pumps along with a blower motor that provides the water pressure needed for the jets. All these features require wiring–professional wiring that is safe and certified. Power requirements will vary from model to model. BPM Electric can sort out your hot tub requirements.

BPM Electric Pros

Certified electricians with years of experience are the cornerstone of BPM Electric. Their professional know-how translates to quality workmanship and safe wiring. While it’s always a good idea to allow a professional electrician to wire any water feature, it’s particularly important to work with one when installing a hot tub. These water features for your home require professional know-how so they’re installed safely. Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy your hot tub for a long time and for that you’ll want to make sure its electrical installation is top-notch. You will definitely want a certified electrician install your hot tub.

Safety First

While you might be dreaming of all the evenings you’ll enjoy soaking in your hot tub or what a great complement it will be when it comes to entertaining family and friends, be sure you take time to talk to an electrician about installing your feature. For example, the disconnect should be located far enough from the tub itself so that no one within the tub can reach for it and accidentally come into contact with any part of the surface which could lead to electrocution. Your BPM Electric professional already understands each safety aspect of hot tub installation and will be able to advise you about the safest route to go when it comes to hot tub installation and wiring.

BPM Electric can install a myriad of hot tubs and have experience installing all kinds of models. They innately understand each model and as well as current codes. While many do-it-yourselfers might be tempted to rely on their knowledge of electrical wiring to perform a hot tub wiring job, it is never advisable unless you are a certified electrician with experience wiring these water features. Safety is vital for you and your family, but an electrician will also make sure that your hot tub is properly installed so that it is maintained for longevity. If you have questions about our expert hot tub wiring, be sure to contact our helpful staff.