How Much is Electricity in Vancouver?

learn how to lower your electricity bill for your Vancouver home

There are many benefits to living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia — but the cost of living isn’t typically one of them. However, there are more variables that go into determining how much it costs to live in a place than just housing costs alone. Electricity costs, for example, are another thing that you have to determine when you are researching whether or not you want to take up residence in a particular place. In this article, we will take a look at the average electricity prices in Vancouver, as well as the factors that influence the cost of your electricity, and the factors that may be contributing to a higher than normal electricity bill.


What is the Average Cost of Electricity in the Vancouver Area?

In British Columbia, the electricity rate for most customers is determined by what is known as the Residential Conversion Rate. This rate is further determined by what is known as the Electric Tariff, which is regulated by the government.


Furthermore, customers are charged according to a structure that encourages energy conservation among its customers. Under this model, which is known as a “stepped rate” model, customers are charged $0.0935 per kWh for the first 1,350 kWh that is reached over the span of two months. Once this threshold is surpassed, the charge jumps to $0.1403 per kWh.


So, what does this mean? In simpler terms, the average inhabitants of a two-bedroom place in the city of Vancouver can probably expect to spend within the ballpark range of $120 per month on electricity. Comparatively speaking, this is cheaper than the majority of major North American cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, New York, and Boston.


What Factors Affect the Cost of an Electricity Bill?

Even with the prices per kilowatt in mind, you may be wondering how a figure like $120 is arrived at. The fact of the matter is that there are several factors that can go into the cost of your electricity services. These are included but not limited to:


Exterior Temperature

The more extreme the temperatures, the more energy will be required to get your living space to the desired temperature. The fact that they are running at maximum capacity will be reflected in your electricity bill.



If you have recently had renovations performed on your home, you may see this having an effect on your electricity bill. This fact often surprised people — especially if the purpose of their home upgrades was to install more energy-efficient appliances! However, the reason why you will see an increase is not from the appliances. It’s the aftermath of the cost of running the equipment that came along with the electricians and contractors.


Different Appliances in Use

Speaking of appliances, though, they are not always just an innocent bystander! If you have noticed a recent change in your electricity prices, it may be due to the addition of a new appliance, or even an electronic device.


Why Am I Seeing a High Electricity Bill?

If you are experiencing a high electricity bill that cannot be explained by the above factors, there may be other ways to explain it. If you have recently used, for example, you may be seeing higher electricity costs than you were previously used to thanks to the type of construction of your new dwelling.


If you have not moved, it is possible that you are seeing rising costs as a result of changing personal habits. Even something as seemingly non-consequential as changing the time that you do laundry can make your electricity bill rise. Cooking more often can also have a domino effect.


However, there could be more sinister causes for a higher electricity rate. In some cases, faulty writing could contribute to an increase in electricity use, which would in turn translate into increased residential electricity costs. If this is the case for you, you will want to entrust the help of a professional, such as a residential electrician.


If all is not well with your electricity operations in Vancouver, Vancouver electrical contractors are here to help. We provide electrical services all over Greater Vancouver, including sub panel installation, writing and outlet troubleshooting, commercial services, and various renovation needs.