How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


It’s finally here, summertime has settled upon us all. The skies are blue, the ocean is calling, and the temperature is rising. And while there’s no complaining about summer weather, for many people, the heat can get a little tough to deal with after awhile.

Other cities in the world, even in Canada, have air conditioning everywhere you go. However, in Surrey and other cities in the Lower Mainland, that’s just not the case. For many homes and buildings, full scale air conditioning is simply not worth the investment for the relatively short and usually manageable summer weather. BUT! sometimes when a heat wave strikes, it’s all anyone can think about.

Instead of, or in addition to, investing in an air conditioning unit or system for your home, there are other tricks and tips to keep the house a little cooler. And by following this advice, you’ll see that not only will you save money on electricity bills, you’ll keep the temperature of your home nice and comfortable.

Keep the heat down

Everyone knows that heat rises, so one of the most effective ways to keep the temperature at a cool level is to install a ceiling fan. By setting the fan to counter clockwise to push the air down, ceiling fans can improve the air circulation in your home. You can also speed the fan up to create a breeze in your home.

Keep the cost down

You can also purchase a smaller air conditioning unit. Some fit into open windows, others are portable and can move from room to room. Do make sure that the filters are clean and that the thermostat is programmed so it is only running at certain times during the day, depending on your preference. Another good tip is to keep heat emitting devices away from the thermostat so that it doesn’t get tricked into kicking on.

Switch out the lights

Another trick to keeping the house cool that is often overlooked is to change out old lightbulbs for new energy efficient ones. Incandescent light bulbs create a lot of heat just by running, in fact they waste almost 90% of their energy in emitted heat. If you choose compact fluorescent lights instead, you’ll likely notice a drop in temperature and a reduction on your electricity bill.

Keep the humidity at bay

Often times it’s the humidity that keeps the temperature up so it might be worth investing in a dehumidifier. Also make sure the ceiling fan is on during showers, and you can even keep the water running a little cooler in the summer months for a more refreshing shower. This too will keep your energy costs down.

We hope this list helps take some of the discomfort out of the summer heat. If you find yourself impacted by a heat wave, just try to remind yourself that it won’t be long until the rains return.

If you have any questions about wiring or installing an air conditioning or need some further tips on keeping your home cool, don’t hesitate to give us a call.