How to make your basement more energy efficient?

energy efficiency chart

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an older home, making spaces more energy efficient have a great number of benefits. With basements especially, there is a positive chain reaction that occurs.

The two most notable things about upgrading a basements energy efficiency are that its good for the environment and its good for the pocketbook.

Heres a list of things you can do to improve the efficiency in your basement. Some are simple, some more complex, but they will all result in lower heating bills and smaller environmental impact.

Control Moisture

Since basements are underground, they are by their very nature subject to humidity, and all the bothersome effects that come along with it. Reducing humidity is one of the first steps a person can take to increase efficiency.

To do this, there must be adequate drainage around the buildings foundation, and it must be maintained and cleaned regularly. You can insulate the outside of your walls with foam sheet insulation, though that may be too large a job. If thats the case, check the insulation behind your walls and if it needs upgrading, use a rigid foam insulation rather than fiber-based insulation 

In order to control humidity, you may need to use a dehumidifier or HVAC system.

Upgrade Your Windows

Not only do old windows let heat out and reduce the spaces energy efficiency, if you need to install new windows, you can take the time to maximize natural sunlight. During cold months if there are windows in unused rooms, cover them in plastic or insert foam pieces that are the same shape.

Change the Bulbs

Basements often get forgotten when it comes to upgrading the small things but making changes to lightbulbs will have a long term effect on energy reduction. Modern energy saving fluorescent lights, or LED house lights offer a great alternative to old incandescent bulbs. Its also easy to leave lights on in the basement and then forget about them. You can install motion sensors or timers if this is an ongoing problem.

Ditch the Beer Fridge

These are usually older models or not designed with efficiency in mind. They are energy monsters! And besides, it might not be that bad if you have to run upstairs for the next cold one.

Improve Appliances

There are new energy efficient models for things like washers and dryers. You will see reductions in your energy and water usage bills. The same is true for water heaters, and to increase energy efficiency even more, you can purchase a water heater jacket to wrap around the water heater (though not gas water heaters).

Shut Down Your Entertainment Centre

If you use your basement as a multimedia centre with a big TV and full surround sound, plus receivers and consoles and gadgets galore, consider plugging them into a power bar that you can fully shut down when theyre not in use. Many electronics will still use power, even when they are not in use.

There are sometimes government refunds available for upgrades so check websites. If you still have any question please contact Vancouver electrician experts at BPM.