Do I Need an Electrical Contractor?


Home renovation projects can be extremely satisfying, knowing that your own time, money and effort went into making your home more your own. And even if you are not a skilled or trained tradesman, it’s still possible to fix things around the home, especially with all the information that is available. And not only do you save money with home reno projects, you gain the satisfaction of putting your own blood, sweat and tears into your home.

One area that people often shy away from is electrical work. For whatever reason, we’ll gladly climb on top of our roofs or shimmy along a ledge to clean the windows, but we fear the almighty spark that comes with electrical work. Let’s face it, getting electrocuted is usually low on the list of things people want to achieve in life.

So is time to hire an electrical contractor? The answer we have is… maybe yes, maybe no. It really depends on the kind of project you are tackling and how prepared you are going in.

So, Do I need Electrical Contractor?

The short answer is yes, it is almost always a good idea to hire a contractor to come in and fix electrical problems, especially big ones. But there are some electrical issues that don’t require a call to the pros, some that are reasonable to tackle on your own, but you should not attempt it without weighing out the pros and cons first.

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There are some things that could go wrong, especially if you are ill prepared and your idea of fixing an outlet is sticking a screwdriver in it. Bodily harm is the number one risk you face when attempting to fix electrical problems on your own, live electricity can do some serious damage to your body, even causing death.

If you attempt an electrical job without the proper preparation, you also might increase the risk of a fire to your home. If, despite your best efforts, there are improper connections and unstable wiring after you’re finished, you are putting your whole home at risk of a fire.

But that’s enough with the scare tactics, we just want to you proceed with caution and think it through very carefully. There are benefits to taking on some electrical DIY (but again proceed with caution!). For one, electricians might be scarce or expensive where you live. In Vancouver and surrounding areas like Langley and Surrey, electricians are often booked up long in advance, so you might want to put the time and effort in to doing it yourself.

One good thing about electrical work that makes it “attemptable” for people is that it is logical. There are usually no surprise twists and turns when it comes to electrical, houses and buildings are wired to a standardized code that all electricians follow. Therefore, if you give yourself enough time to learn about basic electrical systems and problems, you could have a good chance of fixing things yourself.

We fortunately live in an age where information is everywhere and usually for free, including tutorials on home renovations. DIY electrical repairs might seem like a crazy idea at first but with the proper amount of knowledge, the correct tools and a game plan for how to tackle the problem will likely lead to success.

If you are looking to hire a professional (which is what we really recommend you do), feel free to call us at BPM Electrical for all your electrical needs. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our tips an promotions.