What to Do in a Power Outage: Fun and Safety


The best way to guarantee that you have fun and are safe during a power outage is to prepare. There are plenty of precautions you can take to make sure that your needs are met.


Examine all the ways that you use power and decide what you would really miss in an emergency. Basic needs include temperature regulation, food, cooking facilities, water and light. Additionally, entertainment can be useful, especially if you have a family who are easily bored.

How power outages affect you depends greatly on the climate where you live. Hurricanes and heat waves demand different responses. Thus, find out what type of problems you could face in the area in which you reside and bear this information in mind during planning.

If you might experience a flood, be sure to keep all important documents such as birth certificates and insurance certificates in plastic folders and place them on a top shelf or upstairs. At the same time, decide where you and your family members could meet if you were separated during an emergency, preferably out of town.


Power outage tips

Create an emergency kit so that you know that you have exactly what you require and where it can be found. For instance, a box containing a camping stove, gas, matches, a battery run hurricane lamp, a wind-up radio and flashlights, a first aid kit, cash, and essential keys and medications will be useful. Additionally, keep a copy of your emergency plan, bottled water, non-perishable foods and a manual tin opener to hand.

You may also benefit from having a portable fan, wood to burn if you have a suitable stove, and a gas powered generator. Many people find that battery powered safety lights are more convenient than other forms of non-electrical lighting, which makes placing them in each room of your home a sensible idea.


First steps during power outages

During a power outage, BC suggest that you check their online map to see if your area is affected by maintenance or whether the problem seems to reside within your home rather than anywhere else. You could also ask your neighbors if they are experiencing an outage. If they are not, you might simply need to change a fuse or see if your circuit breaker has tripped. When outages take place, do not open the fridge or freezer more often than necessary and aim to heat or cool one room rather than the entire house.



Telling ghost stories around the wood burner while sipping hot, spicy apple juice that has been warmed on the stove could make a pleasant change from watching the television. Alternatively, you and your family could sing, play instruments, or venture out to the closest town for fun if it is safe to do so.


Power outages need not be a daunting prospect if you plan and have all that you need to stay safe and amused until normality returns. Until then, keep updated with our blog, for more useful tips from your Surrey and Langley Electricians