How to Save on Energy Bills This Winter


Each winter, homeowners spend more money on energy than they do in the warmer months. The days are shorter, and the nights are colder. As people spend more time indoors, they use their electronic devices and lighting for longer periods of time. Plus, they tend to turn up the thermostat more frequently to take the chill off cold winter nights. As a result, their energy bills increase along with their disappointment when they see the total amount due. If you are interested in saving on your energy bills this winter, take a look at the following strategies that you can use to minimize your costs: replacing old insulation, draftproofing, and installing programmable thermostats.

Steps To Save on Energy Bills In Winter

Replacing Old Installation

If your Surrey, Langley, or White Rock home was built more than ten years ago, its insulation might not be doing its intended job. Over the years, insulation has a tendency to settle and move. If openings are created in between strips of insulation, heat could be escaping. As a result, your furnace is going to have to work harder to keep your home heated comfortably.

Another fact to consider is that technological advances have created options that are more efficient at keeping your home properly insulated. If your insulation is outdated, you could be wasting energy dollars. Having a properly insulated home saves you money all year long on your energy costs. Consider replacing older insulation in each of these areas of your home: attic, basement, crawlspace, and walls. Spray insulation is an excellent choice for walls and tight spaces, while fiberglass blankets are excellent options for larger areas.


A task that homeowners can complete on their own, draftproofing helps to lower energy costs by sealing heat into your home. Cracks and holes around the windows and doors allow heat to slip out, while also letting cold outdoor air enter. Sealing up these holes and cracks helps to minimize the cost to heat your home, and it also helps to minimize the amount of work your furnace needs to do.

You might be wondering how you can tell whether or not the caulking around your doors and windows has any openings. First, you can check for signs of outdoor light shining through. Secondly, you can move your hand around the perimeter of the doors and windows in search of a draft.

Installing Programmable Thermostats

Rather than heat your home 24/7, why not consider the cost-savings offered by programmable thermostats?  Today’s programmable thermostats allow you to program several different settings throughout the day as well as throughout the week. You can program your thermostat so that it:

    • -Increase the temperature shortly before you get up in the morning
    • -Lowers the temperature while you are away at work
    • -Increase the temperature a short time before you arrive home from work
    • -Lowers the temperature while you are sleeping at night

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