Should an Electrician Install Your AC Unit?

visual image of AC units

Do you need a certified electrician to install your new AC unit? Vancouver is no stranger to hot summer weather. On those dreaded days where the sun is out and the heat warnings have been announced, investing in a new air conditioner (AC) unit may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

AC units are great for regulating temperatures and cooling your home or commercial building. However, to get the most of your new AC, you need to ensure the proper and safe instalment of the unit. As Vancouver is home to many older structures and heritage buildings, the instalment process needs to be handled with care and precision. Improper instalment of your AC could cause damage to the unit and your property, decrease efficiency, and compromise your safety.

So, before you attempt to install your new AC unit, contact the electrical contractors at BPM Electric. When it comes to working with electricity, it’s a dangerous and extremely technical task. BPM’s team of commercial and residential electricians can ensure a safe, efficient, and speedy install or replacement of your new AC unit.

Here’s how hiring the professionals at BPM Electric can assist with your AC instalment:

1. Ensure Proper Instalment

Your new AC unit is an investment for your household or commercial property; therefore, you most likely want to squeeze every ounce of cooling benefits you can from it. By foregoing professional instalment of your new unit, you risk housing an ill-fitted unit that fails to do its job. AC units are expensive, so the last thing you want to do is tamper with your investment by settling for amateur instalment.

Furthermore, AC units that are incorrectly installed are prone to chronic breakdowns. By trying to DIY your install, you’re setting up your new unit for failure due to bad wiring and poor HVAC integration. A qualified electrician, such as those at BPM Electric, have the knowledge to ensure proper placement of your AC unit to maximize durability and energy efficiency.

2. Seamless Integration for All Building Types

As AC units attach directly to your residential or commercial building, amateur instalment could result in property damage. Air conditioners not only attach to the air-duct system in your building, but to the wiring as well. Installation becomes increasingly complicated when done to a building that was not built with a central air unit in place. The wiring needs to seamlessly connect to that of your internal thermostat to ensure efficient cooling. To guarantee proper attachment to your indoor thermostat, seek the help of professional electrical contractors.

3. Make Sure the Fit is Right

Based on the size of your home or commercial building, the type of AC unit best suited to meet your cooling needs will vary. Based on the HVAC system of your building, you may need a smaller or larger unit to adequately cool the space.

Should you purchase a unit that’s too small, you’ll need to have the AC running constantly to cool the space, spiking up the utility bills and wearing down the mechanism. If you go too large, you’re overpaying for unnecessary equipment that you don’t need.

Consulting the professionals at BPM Electric will ensure that you invest in the proper unit to cool your residential or commercial space.

4. Prioritize Your Safety

When dealing with electrical wiring, only qualified and licensed electricians should be hired to install your new AC unit. Amateur instalment could lead to electrical fires, shortages, and shocks. A professional electrical contractor will have your new unit up and running quickly and safely, for optimal performance.

Air conditioners use refrigeration to cool the indoor air; as such, these units contain refrigerants which can release large amounts of harmful toxins into the atmosphere if incorrectly handled. If the unit is damaged during the install or incorrectly attached to the building, you risk contaminating the air with harmful chemicals that could compromise the health of everyone inside. Not to mention the harmful affect refrigerants have on the environment if not properly contained.

To minimize the risk of harming yourself, your friends, family, and the environment, call upon BPM Electric to install your new AC unit.

What’s Next?

To ensure seamless integration and efficient cooling, consult the professional electrical contractors at BPM Electric. As an honest and trusted electrical company serving Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Areas, you’ll receive quick service with minimal interruption to your daily routine. Reach out today for assistance with your new AC unit.