Tips to Help You Choose the Right Electrician in Vancouver


Hiring an electrician in Vancouver is a serious thing. A goodelectrician makes sure that you, your family and your home/building are safe and not at risk of burning down. A badone, on the other hand, might put your safety at risk with shoddy workmanship. Poor electrical work can damage your appliances and electronics, can affect your insurance policy and literally put your life at risk.

A quick online search shows practically countless options for electricians in Vancouver. You dont want to make a snap decisionso how do you choose the right one?

Word of mouth

Perhaps the most reliable option out there is the easiest. Ask your friends, neighbours, acquaintances who theyve used and what their experience was like. You can even ask for recommendations on your social media if thats an option for you. Other peoples experiences are usually great to rely on and definitely a good place to start your search.

Online research

As mentioned, an online search brings up almost an overwhelming amount of options. Especially if you are new to a city or neighbourhood and dont know anyone to ask for recommendations, the internet is a good place to do some digging. One of the great things about online searches is that there are plenty of reviews to look through. But we recommend you read through a good sample size because one or two online reviews dont always paint a full picture.

Call around

If youve collected a few options, start making phone calls and speaking to different companies to get a feel for how the business is run and get some quotes. Explain what work needs to be done and see how they respond. Youll get a sense of the level of professionalism they bring to the table by how attentive and responsive they are to your needs. Remember they should want your business so if they make you feel like a nuisance or dont give you the time you need, you might want to look elsewhere.

Ask questions

To expand on the point above, its well within your rights to ask questions of your potential contractors. Some things you can ask are:

Having a binding contract for the work promised will give you something to fall back on if things go awry. And as with any type of work, hiccups can happen so to protect yourself and your money, youll want to have a contract in case you need it.

Electrical work is serious business, and were not just saying that because its the business we do. Weve been in this industry long enough to see the dangerously bad workmanship and unsuspecting homeowners who have been duped through no fault of their own.

Thats why we strive to be at the top of our industry because at BPM we care about the people who hire us. Word of mouth is how we get a lot of our business and that is something we are extremely proud of.

So if you have an electrical job that needs to be done, give us a call at +1-604-670-1746 and see for yourself!