Light Bulbs for your house: Know the Different Types

types of bulbs

Not all lightbulbs are made the same — there are a few different types out there, and each has its own pros and cons. If you are thinking about changing up the lighting in your home or around the building’s exterior, read on to learn more about the different kinds of bulbs that are available.

Common Types of Light Bulbs for your house


Incandescent light bulb

These bulbs ruled the world for a very long time, but are facing the end of their long reign. Incandescent bulbs are comprised of a wire filament that is heated to such a high temperature that it glows and diffuses light. They are your standard light bulbs, the most commonly used and the least expensive. They are not very energy efficient, which is why they are being phased out of the market, though people do love the warm, inviting light that is very complimentary to skin tones.


led light bulbs

The “light-emitting diode”, or LED is one of the first that swooped in and began to change people’s relationships with lighting. These long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs have their drawbacks because the light can only be directional, rather than diffused. Plus the lighting emitted is often described as harsh, so they are not a favourite if you are trying to achieve warm indoor lighting. They are excellent for exterior lights, especially motion sensor path lights.


CFL light bilb

While these bulbs share an acronym with the Canadian Football League, that’s where the similarities end. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs are, however, excellent energy savers and have warmer colour-corrected tones. They are often the first option when replacing incandescent bulbs in lamps and interior lighting. They need to be properly disposed of since they contain mercury, but they are recyclable so that is a bonus.


fluorescent lamps

These lights are not usually the favourite since they give off a cold, flat, harsh light, and they can not be put on a dimmer. They do, however, come in a range of colours and tones and they are long lasting. If you have worked under them in an office, you know the drawbacks to these bulbs but they do work well to light large rooms like basements or warehouses.


halogen bulb

Halogens are a close cousin of incandescent and give off a natural feeling white light, but they are more expensive and only slightly more energy efficient. Under halogens, colours are well contrasted and appear sharp, but they do get hot — never use bare hands to change or install a halogen bulb.

Of course, the type of bulb will depend on the lighting needs of the space. If you are replacing a bulb in a lamp, it’s tough to go wrong. But if you are considering installing a customized lighting system for your outdoor patio or interesting fixtures and directional lighting for your custom kitchen, you might want to consider calling in an electrical contractor.

At BPM, our electricians are experts in custom lighting and installations. We work with small renovations to new custom commercial builds and everything in between.

The type of lighting you choose has a drastic effect on the feel of a room so feel free to call! Our electricians will be happy to help you find the perfect lighting for your space.