What Colour is the Best Lightbulb For Your Kitchen?

pick the right lightbulb color for your kitchen

When it comes to getting the most out of the rooms of your homes, lighting is a key part of determining your overall ambience. However, this is one area of design where a “one size fits all” approach simply will not do.


The reason for this is the fact that you use each room in your house for very different purposes. For example, while you may want to have bright lighting in the bathroom for when you are getting ready for your day, you may not have a need for lighting that is that harsh in the living room. In this article, we will explore the best lighting options for a kitchen environment, including the factors that should be considered when choosing any form of kitchen lighting.


Different Types of Lighting

Whether or not we are aware of it, there is more than one type of lighting in every room. Although it would be easy to think of our room’s lighting as only being the kind that comes out of the ceiling, there are generally three different types of lighting in the ideal room:


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is what you most likely know as your room’s general lighting. More often than not, it exists in the form of a single light on the ceiling or sides of your room and can be controlled from a light switch, which makes it the easiest form of lighting to control from a user’s perspective. Indoor ambient lighting can also commonly take the form of:

  • A light fixture installation (such as a chandelier)
  • Floor lamps or table lamps
  • LED lights (such as above or below a cupboard)
  • Any other light source that can be relied on as the main source of light in a room.


Although ambient lighting can single-handedly light up a room in its entirety, many individuals who rely solely on ambient lighting will find that their illumination needs are not being met sufficiently. That is where the other common lighting types come into play.


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting refers to any light fixture that is implemented in order to recreate a certain effect or room. Accent lighting can help elongate a room, highlight a particular feature, and create the desired vibe. Some of the most popular types of accent lighting include:

  • Wall features
  • String lights
  • Spotlights


Task Lighting

As the name would suggest, task lighting is installed to better the function of a particular task that is repetitively taken on in a room. Some of the most obvious examples of this can include a lamp for reading, cooking, or writing. Task lighting often takes the shape of:

  • Desk lamp
  • Small, portable lamp
  • Standing lamp
  • Other table lamps


What Color Light Bulb For Kitchen?

Instead of determining a certain formula that will work for everyone’s kitchen, we first need to take a look at the kind of activities that are usually done in a kitchen, and work from there.


Obviously, it is important that our kitchen spaces have some form of ambient lighting. After all, the kitchen is one of the main living areas of any house and is often used as a transit room, i.e., it often needs to be walked through in order to get to any other room in the house.


Additionally, task lighting is a very important component of any kitchen’s lighting system, as the tasks that we undertake in the kitchen deserve the best conditions for precision. In fact, your kitchen more than likely has some form of task lighting, even if it’s just in the form of a built-in light above your stove.


In summation, most kitchens will ultimately function best if they have a combination of both ambient and task lighting. However, if you wish, you could also add some accent lighting to your space.


What Colour of Light is Best for a Kitchen?

Believe it or not, the colour of your light bulb can be just as important as the type of lighting that you choose. When it comes to the kitchen, most designers will recommend a light that is somewhere between yellow and white. These will usually measure somewhere between 3,000 to 4,000 kelvins.



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