EV Charger Installation

We don’t want to get political here, but there has been a lot of talk in the news lately of a certain pipeline and rising tension with a certain province with which BC shares a border. It’s a complex topic that warrants a longer discussion than we have time and space for here. But in a way, it does pertain [...]

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Thermostat Buying Guide

Even for those of you who held out until the very last moment to kick on the furnace as the fall chill started to creep in, it's likely you've given in by now. Now that the heat is thawing your bones and the usual arguments over what the average temperature has recommenced, perhaps you've noticed it's time to replace your [...]

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How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

It’s finally here, summertime has settled upon us all. The skies are blue, the ocean is calling, and the temperature is rising. And while there’s no complaining about summer weather, for many people, the heat can get a little tough to deal with after awhile. Other cities in the world, even in Canada, have air conditioning everywhere you go. However, [...]

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Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Every home has its quirks and interesting traits that give it character. Depending on the year it was built and the style in which it was designed, some things might seem a little strange, especially the older the house gets. One thing that has changed over time is the way the electrical system in a house has been designed and [...]

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What Is A Whole House Surge Protector

Sometimes the best measures to take are preventative ones, especially when it comes to electrical wiring in your home. We are talking specifically about protecting your home and devices from power surges. Many people are familiar with surge protectors that plug into an outlet to protect computers or electronic devices, but did you know that there are whole house surge [...]

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Summer Energy Saving Tips

Everyone loves saving and summer time in Vancouver is the perfect way to offset some of the costs of spending on energy in the winter. At BPM Electric, we’ve come up with some ideas on how you can save electricity in the summer to lower your bills and ease some of the strain on the system. Since the days are [...]

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Do You Have Enough Savings for Electrical Repairs?

Procrastination comes easy to many of us—it’s easy to put things off, and then put them off again, and then maybe put them off some more. Just ask my dentist. Often, home repairs fall victim to this, too, whether it’s a leaky faucet that you’ve learned to tolerate or a cupboard door that is a little off kilter, it’s quite [...]

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Save Money On Your Electrical Bill

With all the things demanding our hard earned money in this day and age, it’s always nice to find areas where we can save a few extra dollars. Believe it or not, one easy way to see your savings go up is on your electricity bill, all it takes is following a few simple tips and tricks. For one, use [...]

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How to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

Each winter, homeowners spend more money on energy than they do in the warmer months. The days are shorter, and the nights are colder. As people spend more time indoors, they use their electronic devices and lighting for longer periods of time. Plus, they tend to turn up the thermostat more frequently to take the chill off cold winter nights. [...]

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